Message from the Principal

On behalf of myself, Mr. Murray and the entire staff of Magnetic Hill School, we would like to welcome you and your children to our school community and extend sincere wishes for a successful academic year. The team at Magnetic Hill is anxious to get the year under way and we hope that, after a restful summer, you are ready to go as well.

We at Magnetic Hill School have as our mission to “develop the maximum potential of each student intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.” However, we cannot achieve this without your support. In order to help each student achieve his or her potential, the shared focus of teachers, parents and students is crucial. As parents you have an important role to play in your child’s education. Each moment that you spend showing an interest in their work or school helps to ensure greater success. Please accept our invitation to contact your child’s teacher, or myself, at any time to discuss your child’s progress.​

Your school administration team at Magnetic Hill School.
Mr. N. Smith, Principal                                                      Mr. C. Murray, Vice Prinicpal​​​