School Staff Directory

Mr. Mathieu BasqueTeacher
Grade 8 homeroom. MSTE: grade 6, 7, and 8.  Grade 8 FILA and grades 7 and 8 social studies FI.
Mme Maria BeltzTeacher
Grade 5/6 French Immersion - Math, FILA, Science, Social Studies and Health.  5PW Math.  MSTE
Mrs. Sharon BordageTeacher
Gr. 6 Homeroom.  Grades 6, 7 and 8 FILA and Sciences Humaines.  Grades 6 and 8 Health FI.
Ms. Lesley BurnsTeacher
Grade 5 Intensive French
Mrs. Kandice CannAdministrative Assistant
Mrs. Amy Claxton-OldfieldCafeteria Staff
Mrs. Ruth DonaldPrincipal
Mrs. Janet GeierLibrarian
Mrs. Sara HarperEducational Assistant
Ms. Kirsten HarpurTeacher
Grade 7 homeroom. 7KH social studies and ELA.  7RM ELA.  Art to grades 5 to 8.
Mr. Gordie KlineVice-Principal
Physical Education
Mrs. Alexandra LaffordTeacher
Grade 6 homeroom. 6AL ELA and social studies.  ELA to 6SB and 8MB.  Physical education to all grade 5 classes and 5/6MB
Mrs. Renelle MacLaughlinTeacher
On maternity leave
Mrs. Sylvie MoriceTeacher
Grade 8 homeroom.  Grades 6, 7 and 8 Math to regular program students.
Mr. Ellsworth PattersonCustodian
Mrs. EllieMae PaynterGuidance Counsellor
Mme Tammy PellerinTeacher
Math FI 6, 7, and 8.  Grade 7 FI homeroom.
Mrs. Debbie PhinneyEducational Assistant
Mme Charlotte Purdy-WeirTeacher
Grade 5 French Immersion.  ELA to 5PW and 5/6MB.  Physical education to 5PW and 5/6MB.
Mrs. Tara SmartCustodian
Mrs. Vicki SteevesEducational Assistant
Mrs. Paula StewartTeacher
Music - Grades 5 to 8.  ELA - 7/8SM and 7/8JV.  7/8SM - Social Studies and Health.
Mrs. Susan TreashResource Teacher
Mme Jennifer VienneauTeacher
7/8 JV homeroom.  Grades 6 to 8 science.  MSTE
Mr. Peter WhittletonTeacher
Grade 8 subjects
Mrs. Samantha Wood-HicksTeacher
Grade 8 homeroom.  Grade 8 ELA, PIF, Social Studies and Health.  PIF: 6AL, 7KH, 7/8SM.