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"Ed Skiffington Alumni Memorial Field"

Many of you may be aware of our unfortunate field situation at Moncton High School. Even though we are at a new school the fields that were built by the province are less than acceptable and the field situation is what we would considerable a hazard and perhaps a danger to our student athletes. We are presently working on an alternate solution for this September. Moncton High School principal, Mike BeLong, has been in conversation with the Superintendent Mr. Ingersoll and the District Education Chair Mr. Harry Doyle. Together with MHS PSSC Chair Sheila Cameron, they are working diligently alongside our MLA in rectifying this situation. 

While this transpires It is the goal and dream to have a high performance field like Harrison Trimble and Bernice Mac Naughton High schools’ have. This MHS project was in the making several years back prior to our current school’s administration, but unfortunately did not come to fruition. The time is right to once again spearhead things to make the project a reality. 

A project of this magnitude will take a collective effort but with eighty plus years of alumni and a caring community of parents and staff we should have a strong base to make the project successful. We are planning on having our first ‘MHS Field Committee’ meeting on Tuesday, August 1st at Moncton High School at 6:00 pm. Those interested in sitting on the committee are asked to attend this important meeting on Tuesday night. For those that are interested but cannot attend on this night we would ask you to email Mr. BeLong ( with your contact information so that we can create a "Field Committee" distribution list.

We are hopeful and confident that we will acquire a strong working committee to work on this very important project.

Thanks for your support

Mike BeLong

Principal - MHS

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 The MHS office is opened weekdays from 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM
with the exception of the dates listed below when it will be closed.

July 28 and 31
August 4, 11, 14, 19 and 21
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