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Moncton High first opened for students in 1935.  On February 4th , a new era in the history of Moncton High School began as our students enter our new building to start the second semester of the 2014-2015 school year. 

Please Note: April 30th will be a regular school day for students. This decision was made as a result of the student contact days lost due to school closures.

All school fees are set up in School Cash and can be paid.  Our school relies heavily on these funds for course materials and sports teams so we appreciate your prompt payment.
Important Grad Notices:
Prom and Safe Grad – June 16th
Graduation – June 22nd
Grads and their parents/guardians are reminded that scholarship information is available on a special website easily accessible via the Moncton High School website by clicking “Grade 12 Scholarship Info” on the top right hand side. The many scholarships are listed under the month they are due. Students are encouraged visit this site frequently because scholarships are updated weekly.
Transportation Adjustment for New Moncton High School
Upon review of the first few days of traffic flow, an adjustment has been made with regards to arrivals and departures to and from our new school.  While entering our new facility, it has been decided that Longfellow Drive must be used as the primary entrance as well as the primary exit for all traffic.
This will mean that parents dropping off, students parking for the day and staff will be required to use the same entrance as the busses, Longfellow Drive.  Once vehicles other than busses arrive they will stay left as opposed to following the busses to the right.  Once vehicles arrive in the parking lot area they will stay right and will drop their child off and continue the perimeter loop around the parking lot back out the same way they came in on Longfellow Drive.
This change will mean that Eaglewood and Royal Oaks will become a secondary road for the purpose of alternate entrance and exiting when deemed necessary.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this change.
Mike BeLong
Moncton High School 

Many school fees (student, graduation, classroom and extra-curricular) are outstanding which the school relies on to run its many programs.  If you have yet to pay those fees on behalf of your child, please do so as soon as possible.  These fees may be paid through School Cash (found to the right on this page) or in cash in person at the school office.  We cannot accept cheques.  If you are unsure of what fees are owed, please contact the school at 856-3439.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. 

Knightwear is on sale at the Student Council Kiosk during noon hours.



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