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September 18
Community Engagement
Good afternoon, the District Education Council is embarking on a community engagement activity ahead of developing their new District Improvement Plan.

Along with the teachers in your schools you will be asked to participate in a three step process aimed at collecting, prioritizing and reporting thoughts from the school community. Tomorrow you will receive an email that will ask you to comment on three broad questions:

What would you like our schools or the district to improve upon?
What do you appreciate about our schools or the district?
What other thoughts or questions do you have about our schools?

After you give your input on the three questions, all of your thoughts and those of everyone else will be put together and sent back to you . You will then have an opportunity to see what others said and add stars to the ideas you like the most. The most popular ideas will rise to the top. The final step is for you to see where the priorities landed and this information will help the District Education Council develop their strategic plan as well as informing the decisions made at the Office of the Superintendent for the rest of this year.

The email will come from my office ( ) and the answers will be collected and forwarded to a survey company called Thought Exchange. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us as we work together to set the direction for our school district.


Gregg Ingersoll
Anglophone East School District
1077 St. George Blvd
Moncton N.B.