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October 19
MHS/RHS Statement
Please note, this statement has been jointly prepared by both the administration of Riverview and Moncton High School.
We want everyone to know that racism is not accepted nor tolerated in either of our schools or at extracurricular events. We work proactively to promote kindness, understanding, appreciation, and inclusion of all cultures, races, and backgrounds through in-class and out of class learning opportunities such as assemblies, curricular-based learning, and extracurricular activities. A recent example of this was when both schools participated in Orange Shirt Day in support of reconciliation and that every child matters. When our students make mistakes and exhibit problem behaviors and misunderstandings in this regard, we work with those students to help them learn and change their way of thinking and behaving. We also apply appropriate consequences to reinforce these required changes in behavior.
On Friday, September 29th, at a football game between our two schools, students from both schools made mistakes and exhibited inappropriate behaviors. During the half time, staff members from both schools separated the students so they were sitting apart in the bleachers. The second half of the game carried on without incident. After the game was finished, allegations of racist comments were made. Both schools investigated the event and it was determined that the comments came from youth sitting in the Riverview High School crowd. Most of these youths are not students at any school.
Those students that exhibited problem behaviors have been dealt with by their respective schools. Anyone identified acting in a racist way from Riverview High School received a suspension. Other youth that were not students that engaged in racist comments have been banned from attending future school-related events.
These situations also create opportunities for learning for our school communities. As a result of this situation, staff from both schools have already and will be spending some time helping our students be kind, understanding, appreciative and inclusive no matter who you are. We encourage parents and guardians to continue this conversation with your child at home.
On behalf of the administrators from MHS and RHS, we thank you for your support in helping all of our students learn from situations like this to move forward in a positive and proactive manner.