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January 23
subscriptions process for alerts & cancellations

• Just a friendly reminder of the step by step process to sign up to receive alerts and cancellations for our schools. You will receive these updates on any device that you get your email, like your laptop or your phone
• Alerts will still be posted on our website under Cancellations, on the Snow Line, on Twitter and will continue to be announced through local media.

1.   Go to  “Cancellations” in the middle of the Anglophone East Website page and click
2.   Next click on the “Subscriptions” icon to the right
3.   Enter your email in the New Subscribers box, and click “I’m not a robot” (follow the instructions in the popup window)
4.   After you click submit you will receive an email with a confirmation link
5.   Click confirm, and choose a password
6.   Sign in using your email and password
7.   To add a subscription; click on the type, Bus (route), School Closure (individual school), or General Notices (district closures) follow the instructions to search for a school name or bus route.
8.   Click off all the routes applicable to you. You can add or remove subscriptions at any time