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February 20
Final announcement to order yearbooks.  The deadline is this Friday.  We will be selling Tuesday and Thursday of this week, and you may also order your yearbook through
Be aware that we are not ordering any extra yearbooks to sell in June.

February 06
Yearbook - deadline to order
The deadline to order a yearbook is on February 23rd which is fast approaching.  There will be no extra copies available for purchase at the end of the year.  Don't miss out and be sure to order your copy now.  Yearbook members will be setup in front of the library  during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The price is now $60.  You may also order your copy through or on the school's website through school cash.
If you have any questions concerning yearbook please direct them to

January 25
Supplemental Exams
January Exam Schedule​ - January 25th
Remaining Exam Schedule is as follows:
Friday (9:30AM to 11:30AM)- Period 5 exams
Friday Afternoon - Supplemental Exams, as well as anyone who missed their period 2 or 4 exams on Thursday due to the exam schedule changes. 
Any grade 10-11-12 students that have not completed their English interview must make contact with their subject teacher to reschedule.  Finally, Monday and Tuesday are the turnaround days - no school for students.

January 23
Updated Exam Schedule
Good afternoon, due to today's storm there has been an adjustment to the exam schedule. All exams begin at 9:30 and 1:00.
Period 1 (9:30)
Period 3 (1:00)
Period 2 (9:30)
Period 4 (1:00)
Period 5 (9:30)
Medical Supplemental and those that missed the ELPA will write at 12:00 in the Learning Commons.

The full schedule is attached to this email and online at

January 23
#beccatoldmeto book now available...
Rebecca Schofield is a Riverview teen who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2017. When she found out she was terminal, she started a social media campaign, requesting random acts of kindness be posted in her honour, using the hashtag #beccatoldmeto. Her efforts have inspired people from all around the world to promote kindness.

Her motivation has been widely recognized not only by her high school, Riverview High, but throughout the entire Greater Moncton community and beyond. She has also been acknowledged provincially by Frank McKenna, with a scholarship in her name, by the NB Legislature (who will recognize the third Saturday in September as Becca Schofield Day) and nationally by the Senate, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She was recently the recipient of the Governor General Award for the Meritorious Service Decoration (Civil Division).

Thousands of acts of kindness have been communicated on the Facebook Page “Becca’s Battle with Butterscotch” as a result. Local author, Jason Tremere has compiled 1000 of these random acts in the book titled “#beccatoldmeto” as a way to further share the inspiration.

To continue the sharing, Anglophone East is excited to offer the opportunity to purchase this book #beccatoldmeto through School Cash Online on our website cost of the book is $20 each with no added fees and the funds will be returned to the Schofield family.
Please allow the order three weeks for delivery to your school. Schools will notify you when the books are available for pick up.

Thank you…

January 23
subscriptions process for alerts & cancellations

• Just a friendly reminder of the step by step process to sign up to receive alerts and cancellations for our schools. You will receive these updates on any device that you get your email, like your laptop or your phone
• Alerts will still be posted on our website under Cancellations, on the Snow Line, on Twitter and will continue to be announced through local media.

1.   Go to  “Cancellations” in the middle of the Anglophone East Website page and click
2.   Next click on the “Subscriptions” icon to the right
3.   Enter your email in the New Subscribers box, and click “I’m not a robot” (follow the instructions in the popup window)
4.   After you click submit you will receive an email with a confirmation link
5.   Click confirm, and choose a password
6.   Sign in using your email and password
7.   To add a subscription; click on the type, Bus (route), School Closure (individual school), or General Notices (district closures) follow the instructions to search for a school name or bus route.
8.   Click off all the routes applicable to you. You can add or remove subscriptions at any time

January 22
Community Engagement Survey
In September I had invited parents to participate in a survey (Thought Exchange) as the District Education Council was embarking on a planning session for the District Improvement Plan. The results of the survey can be found on our website at the following address:

You can also navigate to the site by looking under the Spotlight section on our website. You will find overall district results as well as individual school results and a listing of the thoughts that were shared and the voting that each thought was given at the school level.

January 17
MHS Exams and Info
Good Evening, this is a message from Moncton High School.  The end of the semester is fast approaching which means that it is time for our January exams and assessments.  I have attached the exam schedule in two formats, one as a PDF file and the other as a picture. 
- Students received their exemption forms today from their homeroom teacher. Those are for students that have missed 5 or less days in a subject (excused or unexcused).  Please return them to your subject teacher on our next school day.  Unfortunately with the ELPA and unit tests - the grade 9 students do not have an opportunity for exemptions until June.   
- All grade 9 students and those that were not successful in grades 11 and 12 must complete the ELPA on Monday morning.  If you are new to the province or do not know if you are writing the exam you must see an English teacher to confirm.
- Any instructions for the exam day will be posted in the lobby the morning of the exams including the room that you are writing in and any other pertinent information for the day.  As a general rule - you write in your subject classroom with the exception of the ELPA and Math 9. 
- You may leave after your exams, and are not required to attend school if you do not have an exam.
- All assignments are due to your teachers by the end of the week.

Thank you,

January 16
Yearbooks for sale
The yearbook committee will be selling this year’s yearbook during lunch this week.  The cost to order a yearbook is $60.  You may also order your copy through School Cash (district website) and online at
The deadline is fast approaching and there will be no extra yearbooks available for purchase in June. Don't miss out!

November 21
Good afternoon, a few updates from Moncton High School. 
1. WE WILL ROCK YOU - musical takes places this Thursday/Friday/Sunday at 7pm and Saturday at 1pm start at Moncton High School.  Tickets are $5.00 for students, and $10.00 for adults. 
2. There will be a WE WILL ROCK YOU - student matinee on Friday.  Tickets will be sold on Thursday for $2.00 each.  Tickets are limited.
3. The school wifi was introduced this week for students.  It is important to remember that what happens on the wifi under your username is the responsibly of the owner so do not share passwords. 
4. School fees can be paid online or through the main office at MHS.
5. I have attached an opportunity to take part in a trip to China in the summer of 2018.  Please contact if you wish to apply.

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