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January 24
Voice Mail
Rebecca Schofield is a Riverview teen who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2017. When she found out she was terminal, she started a social media campaign, requesting random acts of kindness be posted in her honour, using the hashtag #beccatoldmeto. Her efforts have inspired people from all around the world to promote kindness.
Her motivation has been widely recognized not only by her high school, Riverview High, but throughout the entire Greater Moncton community and beyond. She has also been acknowledged provincially by Frank McKenna, with a scholarship in her name, by the NB Legislature (who will recognize the third Saturday in September as Becca Schofield Day) and nationally by the Senate, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She was recently the recipient of the Governor General Award for the Meritorious Service Decoration (Civil Division).
Thousands of acts of kindness have been communicated on the Facebook Page “Becca’s Battle with Butterscotch” as a result. Local author, Jason Tremere has compiled 1000 of these random acts in the book titled “#beccatoldmeto” as a way to further share the inspiration.
To continue the sharing, Anglophone East is excited to offer the opportunity to purchase this book #beccatoldmeto through Cash Online on our website cost of the book is $20 each with no added fees and the funds will be returned to the Schofield family.
Please allow the order three weeks for delivery to your school. Schools will notify you when the books are available for pick up. Thank you.