School Boundary

  • North Boundary: Route 2
  • West Boundary: Route 2 until Corner of Route 128. Zack Rd., Charles Lutes and all streets leading off.
  • South Boundary: Route 128, Berry Mills to Wheeler, Westbrook Circle
  • East Boundary: Corner of Maplehurst and Mountain rd, Maplehurst (Only North side of Maplehurst), Corner of Twin Oaks and Maplehurst, Only West side of Twin Oaks to End of road just after Corner of Rennick, All roads below to South Boundary but Excluding: Forest Grove, Mayfield, Brockton, Coriander, Holland above Coriander, Coriander above Corner of Clarendon (Walking Trail is cut off), Trelis, Aspenrose, Salem, Rennick, North Side of Hildegard to Corner of Mountain. 
  • Areas Northwest of Mtn. Rd. between Mt. Pleasant Street to Wheeler and Gorge including streets off Gorge Rd. to the Trans Canada Highway.

Boundary Map 

EGP Boundary.JPG