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May 18

~Middle School Students please remember to clean all your garbag after eating lunch.  The elementary students eat after you and we need it to be clean.

~Grade 4 students - There is a fidget spinner club in grade 4 Mme. Cormier's classroom at 11:40.

~Students in grades 1 to 4 we have a cafeteria challenge for you!!  Middle school students are going to be checking to see what table are the cleanest.  They will keep track and the class who has been the cleanest during the month of May will get a special class reward.

~No school choir today.

~Intramurals today for 3Robichaud & 3Guadarrama.  We will be playing Pin Dodgeball.

~5-6 ball hockey intramurals today at 12:00.  Pleae see the schedule.

~Impact students please remember that your leadership award applications are due May 26th.​