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October 23
Parking Lot Use

​The school parking lot has had new lines painted and erected new signage to aid in safer boundaries for our students.  When you first enter the circular portion of the driveway cars must always stay to the exreme right (never cut through the center of the parking area).  Cars can enter the parking area only at the far end and only buses proceed around the circle to stop in front of the school to allwo students to disembark on the sidewalk.  Parents dropping students must enter the parking area at the far end and can stop directly at the crosswalk to let children out to proceed into school.  For student safety it is advised that students only exit their car on the right hand side so they are closest to the crosswalk. Cars are not to pass one another in the parking area.  If the car ahead of you is stopped and letting a child out onto the crosswalk or assuming a parking place please wait patiently until the car ahead of you moves along before you proceed.  The speed limit has not changed.  It is still 15 km per hour.  Fines in this area are extreme so your attention to this matter is important for safety and protects you wallet.  Thank you.