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March 11
Scholarships and Bursary Information


Scholarships and Bursary applications are available on the GRAD Microsoft TEAMS site in electronic form. Some of the applications will be fillable forms for electronic mailings. Paper copies can also be found in the guidance office.

Please note that this list only contains scholarship applications that have been shared with the school and should not be considered an exhaustive list.  There are many more scholarships that students may qualify for, including those offered by post-secondary institutions, that we are not aware of.  Grads are encouraged to check the website of the post-secondary institutions which they are applying for information regarding possible scholarships and bursaries.   

Students should also complete the local scholarship survey found in GRAD TEAMS or by using this link

Grads must include a 250-word essay and a letter of recommendation delivered the guidance office once the LOCAL scholarship survey is completed.​