Queen Elizabeth

Please note if your child is late arriving at school, please check into the office to sign in.
If your child is going to be absent, please call our safe arrival line (856-3673)

Welcome to Queen Elizabeth School

Welcome to Queen Elizabeth School’s Home Page.  We are a k-8 school located near the Moncton Hospital.  Queen Elizabeth School embraces a proactive approach to promoting positive behaviour and work habits. Students are guided through their learning journey and are assisted in developing the independent skills needed to be life-long learners. The staff at QES is stellar; learning is the priority for everyone.
We pride ourselves on our academic success and the huge variety of opportunities offered to students by an exceptionally dedicated and talented staff.  The staff at Queen Elizabeth School work hard to encourage positive behavior and encourage everyone to gather as many ROCKs as possible during the school year.  ROCK represents our values of Respect, Ownership, Communication and Kindness. 
"At Queen Elizabeth School, we respect people and property, we own our actions and words, we communicate openly and honestly, and we are kind to others."
This Home Page is intended to provide you with information about upcoming events, extracurricular activities and the curriculum.  We hope you find the information helpful.

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