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January 26
Items to be aware of for this week and next week
1. Tomorrow is family literacy day.  The K-2 team invites parents, guardians and family members to join us in celebrating Family literacy day tomorrow afternoon from 1:00-1:30pm.  Families will be invited into classrooms to read with students.
2. Recorder notice was sent home with students in grades 3-5.  Recorders are $5.00 and payment is required on or before January 31.  Payments can be made online through School Cash online or cash sent in with your child in an envelope labeled with your child’s name.  Exact change only.    
3. All students are asked to support the ROCKSTARS, our student leadership group, in raising money for the Friends of the Moncton Hospital radiothon.  Next week the ROCKSTARs will host theme days each day.  A notice was sent home with students on Monday and details are posted on our school website.  We would like to invite students to help us support the Radiothon by participating in “theme days.”  We ask that students contribute a minimum of $1.00 to participate in each theme day (or $4.00 for all 5 days).  Money can be sent in with your child each day, as a lump sum, or payment made on School Cash Online https://district2.schoolcashonline.com/.  Should you wish to contribute more money, all donations will be accepted!  Monday will be pajama day!!!  Our goal is to raise $400 as a school; $1.00 for every person in our building!  The ROCKSTARs will be around to collect donations each morning.  All students who participate will receive a ballot for daily prize draws. 
4. Newsletters for February will be sent home next Wednesday.  Please check your child’s bookbag to see all the upcoming events and news for February!
5.       Tomorrow is popcorn day. All bags are $1.00 and it will be sold during the morning recess.