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May 12
Grade 8 End of Year Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Here are a few details for the End of the Year Activities and fundraisers.


We have collected about $3600 to date. We have enough to cover the cost of the Halifax trip. We do need to collect more funds to pay for Camp Centennial Rope Activities at a cost of $12 per student plus pizza and drinks. A total of about $650 is needed for the Awards Night activities. Please note that the Home and School cover the cost of decorations and snacks for the Awards Night.

As you can see in the budget below, the cost of the movie in Halifax varies depending if the students choose the Imax experience ($13) or another movie ($7). Other changes in the budget would come if some students choose not to participate, or if they are not permitted to go for not following school expectations. The cost of the bus is fixed, but the cost for each student for the activities during our visit in Halifax is $46 per student. For lunch on the Pier at noon, a bagged lunch from home is needed, and for supper, another bagged meal or money to purchase food is needed. In the past, we had enough money raised to give $10 to each student for supper. We will see how successful the fundraising is.

Budget 2017

Activity Cost

Bus to Halifax $2060

Harbour Hopper Tour $802

Discovery Centre $235

Movie pass (Regular or Imax) $336 to $624

Total $3133 to $3700

Awards Night expenses

Activity Cost

Camp Centennial Rope Activities ($12 per student) $516

Pizza and drinks $130

Total $646

Other possible activities

Bowling $5 per student (optional) $215

Movie night/games night at school (snacks) (optional) $50 to $70

I have included the cost of other activities we have done in the past. If we collect enough funds, these activities could be planned for June, or we plan them and students pay.

Silent Auction:

Below, you will see a list of the items for the Silent Auction we have received to date. Please continue to bring items in. When you do send the items, please include a price for the item. This helps with the bidding.

Silent Auction Items Value

Shoppers Beauty Product Basket 275$

Perfume I Am Juicy Couture (Shoppers) 100$

2 Visa card Maple Leaf 50$

1 hour Family pass at Sky Zone 60$

20 free McDonald’s Trio meals 160$

Scentsy Gift Basket $50

Midland package (cooler, backpack, water bottle) $50

Conair Hair dryer $25

4 Lia Sophia Bracelets $40

2 bracelets turquoise $20

Friedman’s bracelet $15

Southern Living Cookbook $15

Crush Golf Balls (12 pack) $20

2 Fisher Cats regular season passes

Original 4 x 5 Artwork by Sherry Vautour

McSweeney Dinner Theatre (2 passes) $100

MacDonald’s package (ice cream, coffee, Big Macs) $50

BBQ – May 31st:

We need to coordinate volunteers for that evening as well as coordinate getting wieners, buns, condiments and napkins for an estimated 250 people. On the BBQ attachment, you will find a sheet that can help coordinate the BBQ. If you want to volunteer for the BBQ, please send a message through the Facebook page (Queen E grad class 2017) or email Tracey Swansburg at swanstd@yahoo.ca. In the attachments, you will find a letter to use when asking for a donation for the BBQ. A small committee could be formed to organize the BBQ.

50/50 Draw during Silent Auction

We can run a 50/50 draw during the Night of the Arts as long as it’s in the Science Lab with the Silent Auction. I’ve added details for volunteers on the BBQ sheet.

Home and School Luncheon:

It’s been a tradition at Queen E that the Home and School host a luncheon. They will host a BBQ the week of June 12th to 16th. We will notify you with more details at a later date.

Finally, I will be out of the school from May 15th to May 26th. If you have any questions, please ask your child’s homeroom teacher or Tracey Swansburg.

Yours truly,

O. LeBlanc

School Support Teacher-Resource

Queen Elizabeth School