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December 05


-There wil be a meeting during DSB today for all Coffee House/Water School Participants.  Please be on time as the meeting will have to be rather quick. Meeting held in the cafeteria.

- Coffee House – Tonight is the Night! The RMS annual Coffee House/Water School at 6:00 pm, doors open at 5:30 pm.  Don’t be late!  Bring a food donation for entrance fee.

- Mrs McGhee’s cooking group will meet in the kitchen today during Period 3.

- Popcorn sale in the cafeteria at lunch today for $1.00.

- The grade 6/7 Gay Straight Alliance will meet today in Mr. Quiring’s guidance area at 11:30.

- Congratulations RMS students for your contribution to the stocking campaign.  A truckload of goodies were delivered today for those in need by Mme. Landers.  Thanks to all who participated!

- Gamma girls meet today at the usual time and place.

-Café news:

        Pancakes, ham & berries                $5.25

          Chicken snack wrap & salad          $5.25

          Taco Tuesday .. Check it out! !

**First one to find our Elf on the Shelf, gets a free bakery item J

Please have money ready and in your hand with you get to the cashier.