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January 12

A reminder to students to please make sure your coats are out in your locker at the end of your lunch time and kept in your locker for the afternoon.  Please remember there is not enough room in the classroom for students to have their book bags or jackets.

The Mental Health Committee will be having a meeting today at 12:15-1:00

Girls Basketball practice will be after school today at 2:45

Thank you for helping us collect recyclable materials at RMS.  Remember to remove straws, empty containers and pace in blue bags in the boxes.  Look for the 3 blue recycle bins near the stage in the cafeteria.

Thank you students and staff who have been busy completing the online survey about recyclables.  Here are some early results.  251 students have said that they bring juice boxes to school.  271 juice boxes have been collected this week.  Approximately 3-5 juice boxes per class are not being placed in the recycle bins.

Today’s meals:  Garlic Flatbread with Rice $5.25 or Pizza, Frozen Yogurt & Milk $5.25