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May 10

  • Today is Food Allergy Awareness Day. Today we remember that food allergies are not something to be taken lightly. Be respectful of those with food allergies. Teachers, Mrs. Jardine sent you a link in your emails with Caroline’s story to show at DSB. Would all students/teachers/EAs wearing purple please come down to the cafeteria after announcements for a picture. The picture will be posted on the Sweet Caroline Foundation Facebook page so if you cannot be photographed, please do not come down for the photo.


  • Boys Softball tryouts will be today after school until 4:15pm.


  • Partners for Youth permission slips are due to Mr. Quiring Friday. We are going to Fundy, but without a permission slip we would have to leave you at school.


  • Gamma Girls meets today at the regular time & place.


  • Mental Health Committee will meet today at 11:30AM in the conference room.


  • Flex Your Head for Grade 8 meets at 1:00pm at the regular place.


Meals Today

~Mac & Beef w/Garlic Bread                           $5.25

~Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl w/Fruit         $5.25

*There are still people who owe the cafeteria money. Please pay Bev what you owe ASAP. Thank you!*