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May 15

  • The Gauss contest will be held tomorrow during Periods 1 & 2 for grade 7 students and periods 3 &4 for grade 8 students in Mme. Gautreau’s room 2037. The names of students who have been recommended to write will be posted on Mrs. McGhee’s door today.


  • The final softball tryout for the boys will be tomorrow from 2:45 – 4:15pm.


  • The first tryout for the girls softball team will be today from 3:00 – 4:30pm. Please meet in the gym after school.


  • GSA today is at the regular time and place!


  • Raise the Grade will be cancelled this Wednesday, May 16th, due to room renovations.


  • Today at DSB, the Bullying prevention committee will visit 6B and D, and 7B and C. The will be sharing a 15 minute survey.


  • Flex Your Head is at 1pm today in the usual place. Please make sure to be there.


  • Gamma Girls will be at the usual time and place. Jill Green, the Gamma Girl Machine, is great. Make sure you let her know that! J


  • A reminder to Grade 6 students looking to attend the FitRocks field trip, please bring your money and permission forms to Mr. Murray’s room.


Meals Today

~Beef taco, rice & veggies                                                                            $5.25

~Chicken snack wrap & veggie sticks w/dip                                           $5.25

~Turkey dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, dressing      $6.25

*There are still people who owe the cafeteria money. Please pay Bev what you owe ASAP. Thank you!*