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May 28
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January 14
Grade 1 French Immersion or English

​Parents of students in kindergarten need to register their child for grade 1 by choosing either the French Immersion program or the Core English program. Please note that at this time, grade 6 late immersion is not offered at Salisbury Middle School. Please fill out the form that was sent home and return it to your child's teacher before February 22. To help parents make the decision, There are information meetings starting Monday January 14th. You can attend any meeting regardless of which school you child is attending:

Monday, January 14th, 2019

6:30 P.M.

Salem Elementary School (Multi-purpose Room)


Tuesday, January 15th


Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


6:45 P.M.

Bernice MacNaughton High School


Thursday, January 17th

Monday, January 21st, 2019

6:30 P.M.

Riverview Middle School (Auditorium)


Tuesday, January 22nd  

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019


6:30 P.M.

Lewisville Middle



Thursday, January 24th

Monday, January 28th, 2019

6:30 P.M.

J.M.A. Armstrong High/Salisbury Middle School


Tuesday, January 29th


November 07
Popcorn Fundraiser

​Thank you to everyone that bought or sold popcorn. We have raised about $5600. These funds will be used to pay foir special events at school as well as to buy SPARK bikes and to keep updating our technology.

September 09
Picture Day

​Picture Day this year will be on Tuesday October 2 for all Salisbury Elementary students.

September 07
Bring Your Parent to School

​​​​​On Thursday September 20th at 6:30, students will bring their parents to meet the teacher and see what goes on in their classroom. We will meet in the gym and after we introduce the teachers, students will follow their teacher to their classroom. Parents will stay in the gym for a short presentation by Mr. Bourgeois and then will go join their children in teh classrooms. See you then! 

May 02
Local Food Box Fundraiser

​We are selling local vegetables food boxes from Agri-Food New Brunswick.  For $30, you get a box with:

5 lbs potatoes

3 lbs apples

5 lbs carrots

2 lbs organic red onions

2 lbs organic beets

2 lbs turnips

1 cabbage

The school gets $9.00 per box. You can pay online, by check or by cash. Please send in an order form regardless of your choice of payment. Please send your order forms by May 8th.

April 12
Friends of the Cubs

​Our newly formed volunteer committee "Friends of the Cubs" has a Facebook page that you can follow.  Be sure to "like" their page. ​Our newly formed volunteer committee "Friends of the Cubs" has a Facebook page that you can follow.  Be sure to "like" their page.

March 21
Grade 4 FI STEM Fair

​On Tuesday March 20th, students in 4L and 4B showcased their Science experiments during their STEM fair.  It was well attended by parents and curious minds.  The students did a great job explaining what they learned and what they did to come to their scientific conclusions.

December 15
Christmas Concerts

​Our Christmas concerts are on Tuesday December 19th.  

The kindergarten and grade 1 Immersion concert is at 9:00am.

The grade 1 English and grade 2 concert is at 10:30am.

Our grade 3 and 4 concert is at 12:30pm.

We will be accepting non-perishable food items to put under our tree.  All donation will go to Helping Hands here ini teh village.


November 21
French Immersion Registration and Meeting

​If you have a child in kindergarten or in grade 2 and you wish for them to be in French Immersion, you need to register your child.  Registration is online and only parents who wish for their child to be in immersion need to register.  Next year will be the last year that the grade 3 entry will be available.  Registration closes January 31st.

Here is the link:

 There will be an information session on December 6 at 6:30pm at the JMA auditorium.  Snow date is set for December 7 at the same time.

October 19
Kickoff to Kindergarten

​Our annual kickoff to kindergarten is on October 26th at 4:00 at the school.  This event is for parents of our next year's kindergarten class. Parents will learn about how they can support their child to get ready for school.  This is a parent only event.

October 12
Kindergarten Registration

​Any child attending kindergarten next year needs to be registered at the school.  Registration opened on October 10th.  Parents will fill out the Student Registration Form and the School Entry Permit and provide official proof of age and address.   Parents will also be given a time for  their child's EYE-DA appointment.

October 04
Drive Away Hunger


In September the school received $1000.00 towards our Breakfast Program from Farm Credit Cooperative. We are participating in a Food Drive for them on October 12. We are asking for the community to send in food items, no later than the morning of October 12. There will be a truck here at the school that will transport all that we collect to the Helping Hands Food Bank. This food drive will benefit our school community, and the greater community as well. Please help spread the word! Since we are participating in this food drive our school will be entered into a draw to win $500 for the school and $1000 for Helping Hands.

October 04
October Newsletter
Please visit our "News" section to view our October newsletter.

September 11
Used Book Sale

​There will be a used book sale for students this week in the library.  All students will be able to purchase books during their class visit to the library starting Wednesday September 13th.  All proceeds will go towards the purchase of new books for our library. 

September 11
Farm Credit Canada Donates $1000

Farm Credit Canada.jpg
 A big thank you from the Salisbury Elementary School community!  The funds donated will help fund our breakfast program and will help pay for some student lunches.

September 07
September Newsletter

​Check out our September newsletter.  There is a lot of important information in this edition.  Just click on the news section for access to our newsletters.

September 07
Welcome Back!

​Happy new year to all students at Salisbury Elementary!  Friday September 9th is the first day that all our kindergarten students are in school together.

June 12
Last Day - Half Day

​Friday June 23rd is the last day of school for students.  This will be a half day.  Dismissal will be at 11:30.  Dismissal will be at 11:30.  Dismissal will be at 11:30.  

April 05
Dessert Theatre
Our drama club will perform the Lorax on Thursday April 13th at 6:30 in the gym.  Dessert will be served following the presentation.  Tickets are $5.00 and must be purchased in advanced at the school.

April 05
Drama Club- The Lorax

​Our drama club presented The Lorax at the district's annual drama festival.  They received awards for: ensemble acting, sets and costumes, excellent choice of script using quality children's literature with a relevant message.  Congratulations to all cast members and to Mrs. Hoogendyk, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Phillips!

March 28
Good Friday and Easter Monday

​There is no school on Friday April 14th and Monday April 17th because of Good Friday and Easter Monday.

March 28
Parent-Teacher Interviews

​Parent-teacher interviews for this term are Thursday April 6th from 3:00-8:00 and Friday April 7th from 8:30-12:00.  As a result, there is no school for students on Friday April 7th. 

February 23
Hold and Secure and Lockdown Definitions
If you look in the "Documents" section of this website, you will find the definitions for "Hold and Secure"  and "Lockdown".  When the school goes into "Hold and Secure", the threat is not in the building and it is business as usual.  However, no one can enter (except students and staff) or leave the building.  It is possible that a "Hold and Secure" can become a "Lockdown" situation and vice-versa.
February 03
Zumba at SES

​Students were rewarded for good behaviour for the month of January by having a Zumba session in our gym with certified Zumba instructor Jackie Rousselle. 

Also for the next 6 Mondays, Jackie will offer noon hour Zumba for our students.  All these activities are being paid by fundraising money.

February 03
Right To Play

​On Thursday our grades 3 and 4 classes got to attend an asembly put together by Right To Play. This organization through the power of play, has helped one million children, recognize their potential and realize their dreams. hrough the power of play, has helped one million children, recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Their programs focus on measurably impacting the three most critical areas of child development: the quality of their education, their ability to stay healthy and their potential to help build peaceful communities.


February 01
Welcome to Kindergarten Rescheduled

​The Welcome to Kindergarten event that had been scheduled for Febrary 16th has been has been rescheduled to March 2nd at 4:00.  This event is for students that will be attending kindergarten next year and their parents. 

January 23
Winter Newsletter

​Check out our latest newsletter in the News section.

December 15
Program Registration Deadline (kindergarten and grade 2 parents)

December 20th is the deadline for all parents of kindergarten and grade 2 students to register their child for either French Immersion or English Prime for 2017-2018 school year.  The ASD-E web site is  Parents without access to the internet can contact Cindy Mitton (506-364-4785).  All kindergarten and grade 2 students must   All kindergarten and grade 2 students must register regardless of the program they choose.

December 06
Christmas Concerts

​Our Christmas concerts will be on December 20th.  The grades 1-2 concert (including k\1 Fitch) will be at 9:00. 

The kindergarten concert is at 10:30.

The grades 3-4 concert is at 12:30.

The snow date is December 21st.



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