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February 23
Hold and Secure and Lockdown Definitions
If you look in the "Documents" section of this website, you will find the definitions for "Hold and Secure"  and "Lockdown".  When the school goes into "Hold and Secure", the threat is not in the building and it is business as usual.  However, no one can enter (except students and staff) or leave the building.  It is possible that a "Hold and Secure" can become a "Lockdown" situation and vice-versa.
February 03
Zumba at SES

​Students were rewarded for good behaviour for the month of January by having a Zumba session in our gym with certified Zumba instructor Jackie Rousselle. 

Also for the next 6 Mondays, Jackie will offer noon hour Zumba for our students.  All these activities are being paid by fundraising money.

February 03
Right To Play

​On Thursday our grades 3 and 4 classes got to attend an asembly put together by Right To Play. This organization through the power of play, has helped one million children, recognize their potential and realize their dreams. hrough the power of play, has helped one million children, recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Their programs focus on measurably impacting the three most critical areas of child development: the quality of their education, their ability to stay healthy and their potential to help build peaceful communities.


February 01
Welcome to Kindergarten Rescheduled

​The Welcome to Kindergarten event that had been scheduled for Febrary 16th has been has been rescheduled to March 2nd at 4:00.  This event is for students that will be attending kindergarten next year and their parents. 

January 23
Winter Newsletter

​Check out our latest newsletter in the News section.

December 15
Program Registration Deadline (kindergarten and grade 2 parents)

December 20th is the deadline for all parents of kindergarten and grade 2 students to register their child for either French Immersion or English Prime for 2017-2018 school year.  The ASD-E web site is  Parents without access to the internet can contact Cindy Mitton (506-364-4785).  All kindergarten and grade 2 students must   All kindergarten and grade 2 students must register regardless of the program they choose.

December 06
Christmas Concerts

​Our Christmas concerts will be on December 20th.  The grades 1-2 concert (including k\1 Fitch) will be at 9:00. 

The kindergarten concert is at 10:30.

The grades 3-4 concert is at 12:30.

The snow date is December 21st.



November 18
Book fair!

 ​Our first of two book fairs of the year will take place from Monday November 21 to Wednesday November 23 from 8:30am to 3:00pm and Thursday November 24 from 8:30am to 7:30pm.   All students will be visiting sometime during that week and can purchase items.  Thank you to all our volunteers.  All proceeds from the sale will go to the purchase of new books for the library and the classrooms.

November 14
French Immersion Information Meeting

​There is a meeting for parents wishing to get information on french immersion (grade 1 and grade 3 entry)  on Wednesday November 23rd at the auditorium at JMA Armstrong school at 6:30.

November 08
Monthly Celebrations!

​Each month, we want to recognize students that are following our SES ABCDs values:  A- Act Safely B- Be Prepared C- Cooperate D- Do your Best.  Every student that has not spent time in reflection hall or have only attended once or twice get to attend a monthly celebration.  For the month of September, these students were given extra outdoor play on a beautiful sunny day.  For the month of October, Mad Science came in and "wowed" the students with an exciting assembly!  Who knows what will be in store for November?  As always, it will be a surprise!

November 08
Greeting Cards Fundraiser

​All classes have completed art projects that will be displayed on greeting cards that will be sold to raise funds for our school.  Students will be bringing home order forms in the near future.  Sets of 18 will be sold for $20.  All sets will include 18 cards.  You can buy a class set (18 of the same card) or a school set (18 different cards).  school-order-form 2 (1).pdfschool-order-form 2 (1).pdf

November 08
Parent-Teacher Interviews

​​​Our first parent-teacher interviews will be held after school and in the evening on Thursday November 24th and the morning of Friday November 25th.  There is no school on Friday November 25th for students for the parent-teacher interviews and for professional learning.  Teachers will be booking appointments shortly.

October 03
Kindergarten Registration for Next Year

​The registration for students beginning kindergarten in the fall of 2017 was from October 11-14 at the school office.  If you have missed this date you can simply drop by the school and register however it is best to do it sooner than later. When registering, parents need to bring: birth certificate, medicare number, proof of immunization and proof of address.  ​​

September 26
Picture Day- October 11

Tuesday October 11 is picture day at Salisbury Elementary for all grade levels.

September 19
Cross Country

​Our cross country team will start practices this week as well as attending its first meet of the season.  Practices are Tuesday mornings at the school from 7:40 to 8:10 and Thursday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:15. 


The meets will be on Wednesdays starting at 4:00 at Centennial Park.  The Championship races are on Tuesday October 18.

September 06
Correction- Bring your parent to school

​In the newsletter that was sent home on the first day of school, there was an error in dates for the "Bring your parent to school night".  In the newsletter it says Thursday September 30th, it should read Thursday September 29th.​​  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

September 02
Information on First Few Days of School

​It is already time to go back to school!  All grade 1-4 students begin classes on Tuesday September 6th.  All class list will be posted in the foyer entering the school.  Most students already know who their teacher for the year is because they have visited with this teacher last spring.  There are only a few exceptions where changes had to be made.  On the first day of school, students can play outside until the 8:10 bell.  If needed, they can drop off their book bag to their new classroom before going out to play.  The kindergarten have a staggered entry, some will begin Tuesday, some will begin Wednesday and finally some will begin on Thursday.  All students will be in school on Friday.  There will be many notices going home on the first few days with some needing signatures and important information.  Please check your child's book bag for these.


See you soon!





June 15
Grade 4 Promotion

​On Friday June 24th at 9:00 in the gym, we will be celebrating our grade 4s finishing here at Salisbury Elementary.  Everyone is invited to attend!

June 07
June 2016 Newsletter



June is a very busy time of year with lots going on. Please take note of the information below. On behalf of everyone at Salisbury Elementary we hope you all have a wonderful and safe, summer vacation. The first day of school for students is September 6.


There are lots of Field Trips and outings planned for students this month. Please make sure that you send in permission slips etc. in time with your child.


Day of Caring – June 10 is our annual Day of Caring. We will be planting our gardens that day. Kindergarten classes will be planting the marigolds on Main St. There will be a bbq for all students that day.


June 16 – Our Field Day is June 16. Children will be participating in lots of outdoor activities so please make sure they are dressed to be outside. If June 16 is a rainy day we will have our day on June 17. We are in need of volunteers for the Field Day. If you can help out, and have all the paperwork on file, please contact the school and let us know.


June 23 – We will be having our final assembly of the year on June 23. This is the time we will be recognizing our Volunteers. Volunteers will come to the assembly for the beginning and then a reception will be held for them. Invitations will be sent home in the near future to our volunteers.


June 17 is the last day for the cafeteria. After that day there will be no cafeteria services. Please make sure your child has a lunch and recess snack after this day. Please note there will be no cafeteria services on June 10, our Day of Caring.


The last day for Breakfast Program is June 17. Thanks to the volunteers who have run this program for this year. We could not have done it without you!


Our Grade 4 Promotion will be Friday, June 24 at 9am. Parents of our grade 4 students are invited to attend.


June 24 is also our last day of school. It will be a half day for students. We have not been told what time the busses will be here but we will communicate that to you as soon as we know.



PSSC members are reminded of our final PSSC meeting of the year, Thursday June 9 at 6:30 pm.

June 02
Jump Rope for Heart Day

​The whole school will be jumping rope for 15 minutes.  Top ten fundraisers will be able to throw Jello at any adult of their choosing!

April 06
Right To Play- Junior Leaders

​Ten grade four students were chosen to take part in the Right to Play Play Academy.  They traveled to Northop Frye School where they met and played with students from 7 other schools throughout the district.  The Play Academy was an inspiring day of activities that developed students’ leadership skills and educated them about the power of play to change the world!   The students ended the day motivated in their new role as Junior Leaders and were excited to embrace their potential as global citizens.  The plan is for them to organize a play day for students of our school in late spring.

April 06
Dessert Theatre

​Our drama students will be hosting a dessert theatre on Thursday April 28th at 6:30 in the gym.  They will be performing three mini-plays.  Dessert will then be served in the cafeteria.  Tickets will be sold first to the drama students' families (max. 4 tickets).  The remaining tickets will be sold to the general public.  All proceeds go to our drama club. 

April 06
Vesey Seeds Fundraiser

​Students have brought home order sheets to sell Vesey seeds.  This is our school's spring fundraiser so we do appreciate all your support!  Orders will be taken until Friday April 15th. 

February 04

For the past few Wednesdays, Zumba is offered at lunch for all students.  Certifitied Zumba instructor Jackie Rousselle delivers a fun filled, energy packed work-out for the students.  Zumba and/or yoga will be offered until April. 

February 04
Frisbee Rob Visit

- Rob MacLeod (Frisbee Rob) will be spending the day with us on February 25. He will be doing an assembly first thing in the morning to the whole school and then doing Frisbee workshops to groups of classes. He will have Frisbees available for purchase that day. The cost of the Frisbee if $5.00 and comes in a variety of colours. We will send an order form home in advance so we can let him know how many to bring.

February 04
Ice Castle

As the part of the village’s Winter Carnival an Ice Castle will be constructed in the evening of February 19th. The Village has asked us to help out building the castle the day of. In order to do this we will need your help. Please save your 2 liter cartons. To make the bricks for the castle, rinse out the cartons and open the tops up, spray the inside with Pam, and fill them with water. Once they are filled with water you can add food colouring then pop them in the freezer. We realize it will be hard for students to bring them to school so if you are participating we will ask you to drop of the filled and frozen cartons the morning of February 19. Hopefully it will be cold enough that we could leave them outside.

February 04
Making the Choice

There will be a meeting for parents of students in grade two, February 10. This is an information meeting regarding French Immersion. One of the district French Second Language Supervisors will be giving an overview of the programs available. The meeting will be held at JMA, in the auditorium at 6:30 pm.

February 03
Minor Changes to Caferteria Menu

There have been some minor changes to the menu. Pizza is available on Wednesday and Friday for $2.75. If you would like a side salad with it the price is $4.00. Our Healthy Choices cookies are available every day for 60 cents. Tuesday and Thursday are Rainbow Salad Days. The price is $2.75. You do not need to pre-order on Tuesday but it is necessary to pre-order for Thursday. Homemade hamburgers are available every day for $3.50. If you would like to add cheese to your hamburger the price is $4.00.

October 27
Zones of Regulation®

SES students are learning to identify in what "zone" they are in which means how their brain and their body are feeling.  Ask your child to describe to you what it means to be in each zone: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.  Ask them also about what expected behaviours and unexpected behaviours look like. 

Students are now learning on what tools they can use when to get themselves back in the green zone.



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