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June 01
A few important announcements! 

Good afternoon and here are a few announcements from Shediac Cape School…

Shediac Sobey’s is having a BBQ fundraiser for Shediac Cape school’s breakfast program this Saturday June 2nd from 11-2!!!

Grade 8’s are holding a car wash at the Shediac Fire Station on Saturday June 2nd from 9-1

We are making some significant changes to the way we do things at Shediac Cape school – one change is that we are asking all students to pay a school supply fee for next year.  A fee of $30 for students K-5 and $35 for middle school students.  The reason is that at the school level we can purchase the supplies at a reduced price, it makes it easier for parents and everyone has the exact same supplies.  You can pay your child’s teacher or you can pay on-line through school cash…we are hoping to have the money by the end of the year so that we can purchase everything for September.

As I mentioned we are making some significant changes for next year… to keep you informed we are having a parent information session on Monday June 12th for all grade 1-3 English students starting at 6:00 pm. 

On Tuesday June 13th we will be having a parent information session on Tuesday June 13th for all Middle school students starting at 6:00pm.

We have included some information about various summer camps on our school website.

Thank you!