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October 26
October 26th, 2016


October 26, 2016


Good evening Shediac Cape families,

This is Mme. Bernard with some important information.  

A scheduled lockdown drill will take place on Wednesday November 2nd.  A lockdown drill is necessary for staff and students to practice effective responses in the event of an emergency.   More information regarding the school’s Lockdown policy, can be found on our school website under the Document tab.  You can access our school website at the following address:

On Monday October 31st, students are encouraged to wear their costume to school.  However, we ask for your support in ensuring that masks and weapons remain at home.  Halloween Hot Dogs will be on sale for a dollar each and the Home and School will be providing a special beverage.

Home & School Cookie Dough Fundraiser wraps up on November 14th with the top selling class receiving a “Make your Own Sundae” prize.  The Home and School committee encourages you all to sell, sell, sell!


Thank you and have a great evening