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April 01
What's Your Thing TRHS?

Titans will be taking part in a school-wide conference at the school called “What’s Your Thing”.  Organized by our student leader group Youth in Action for Mental Health, in Partnership with Partners for Youth NB and Anglophone East School District.  The focus for the day will be on educational activities and strategies for maintaining positive mental health.  These outcomes are part of our health curricula and a strategic priority of the District Education Council.

According to the NB Student Wellness survey our students completed last year, 25% of our population exhibits chronic absenteeism from school, and only 19% report knowing where to go in their community to get help.

Youth mental health is a priority of Tantramar Regional High School and our goal is to engage youth around this topic.

     “Youth Engagement recognizes young people’s right to participate in decisions that impact them and acknowledges the great skills and strengths they bring to the table. It injects young people as valued stakeholders into creating effective and inclusive policies, programs and environments.”


 Some of the topics for the day include:

·      Understanding the difference between mental health and mental illness (mental health continuum)

·      Learning tools to assist in preserving positive mental health and resiliency (sleep, mindfulness, yoga, dance, physical activity, crafting, worry rocks, healthy eating habits)

·      Address issues identified by the student mental health committee such as: stress relief, stigma, drug abuse (self-medication), the need for resources, the ability to communicate, sensitivity and awareness to negative commentary, loneliness, sense of belonging