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April 24
Titans Receive Math Competition Awards

​The 2017 Pascal (grade 9), Cayley (grade 10) and Fermat (grade 11) Contests were written by more than 64,000 students from over 1500 schools in March. These competitions are organized by the University of Waterloo.  At TRHS we had 43 students participate.  Certificates of Distinction are given to students ranking in the top 25% of contestants in each contest.  Medals are awarded to the top student in each contest in the school.

Today we celebrated all of our participants.  A big thank you to Mrs. Jones for organizing the competitions at the school level, and to Bobby Sorba from Mt. A who provided weekly enrichment sessions for these students.  

Special congratulations to the following students:

Grade 9- Zachary Strong (certificate of Distinction & medal)

              Peyton Beaver (certificate of Distinction)

Grade 10- Justin Vogels (certificate of Distinction & medal)

Grade 11- Harry Griffiths (certificate of Distinction & medal)

               Maeve Cockshutt (certificate of Distinction)

Way to go Titans!