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June 20
Message from TRHS for Grads
Good afternoon from TRHS,

1. Grads are reminded that there is a mandatory rehearsal tomorrow, June 21st, at Convocation Hall.  Please be there at 8:30am sharp and enter around back through the door facing the swan pond.

2. Students attending Safe Grad Thursday after Prom are also reminded that they need to drop off a bag with anything they’ll need by 2pm tomorrow to the school.  Bags will be secured at the school until students are bussed back to the school following Prom.

3. Students who do not need all of the tickets they received for the Grad Ceremony are asked to bring the extras to rehearsal to return.  They will be redistributed to those who have requested extra. 

4. Grads who will be attending Thursday’s Prom will also receive 2 tickets tomorrow for the Grand March to distribute to whom they wish.  Guests should enter the Music Barn property from Station Rd. and will need to present these tickets to access the site, which will be open to guests at 6:00 pm.  Grads will arrive after 6:15pm and the Grand March will begin at 7:15 pm.

5. Grads who have not requested transcripts be sent on to post-secondary schools are reminded that they need to do so by this Thursday, June 22nd.

4 days until Graduation!