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January 21
Message for Grade 9 Parents
Grade 9 Parents,

This communication is to share details regarding exam week, which begins tomorrow.  Students need to be in attendance for any exams they have scheduled, as well as the NB English Language Proficiency Assessment which takes place tomorrow.  The exam schedule can be found on the TRHS website at trhs.nbed.nb.ca.  Should your child be sick, please call the office before 8:20 am (a doctor’s note may be required).

Students taking the bus who will be at TRHS for the day will work in one of the quiet areas if they are not scheduled in an exam.  Students are reminded to return semester 1 textbooks they will not need any longer to the Learning Commons on the day of their exam.  There will be no cafeteria service this week and students ARE permitted off campus at lunch.

Should there be a school cancellation during exam week, the exam schedule will move ahead by one day.  It’s important that students bring home any materials they need to prepare for exams.

January 29th & 30th are high school turn-around days, where teachers will be finalizing semester 1 marks and preparing for their semester 2 courses.  When grade 9s return for semester 2 on Wednesday, January 31st, they will receive their class schedules from their homeroom (period 1) teacher.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Vice Principals Mrs. Milson or Ms. Hardy at the school.