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February 27
TRHS Late Bus Service
Good afternoon from TRHS,

We have received some calls and have seen some social media posts regarding the current late bus service to Port Elgin/Murray Corner and Dorchester for extra-curricular activities with concerns that it will be cancelled.  At TRHS we believe that extra-curricular involvement is a very important part of a balanced life and that all students have the opportunity to participate in an extra-curricular activity. 

As communicated in January, the late bus will run based on the need from our students involved in extra-curricular clubs and teams which meet after school.  If there are no activities on Wednesday, for example, or no students in extracurricular activities that reside in Port Elgin/Murray Corner and Dorchester, there will be no late buses that day.  We were experiencing times when the drivers were reporting there were no students to transport.     

Based on our activities and student needs, there will be late bus service from Monday-Thursday in March.    

Mrs. Lafford