School Boundary

Coverdale Rd. to and including Osprey Rd., Turtle Creek Rd. out to and including Jonah Rd., Western boundary of Ritchie Rd.; East on Coverdale Rd. to, including roads North of Coverdale Rd., houses south side of Coverdale Rd., from Woolridge to Buckingham, south on Buckingham to Whitepine. Trites Road from the corner of Coverdale Rd to Traynor (50 Trites Road), east on Sussex (from #126) to Buckingham; south on Buckingham (including Ashburn, Baldwin - Lansdowne and Deerwood go to Claude D. Taylor). Including 81 Lawson to Irving, Pinder, Dayton, Irving, Frost, Charyl, Aaron and Megham and from 236 and beyond on Callowhill Rd.

Boundary MapĀ 

wrs-boundary_2010.pdfWRS Boundary