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January 18
Talk Mail - Jan 18th, 2-17

Good Evening Families of WRES,
What a day! It certainly was an adventure! The district has just completed their work, they found the source of the problem and repaired it. The school has been aired out so there are no lingering smells. So……. School is a go for tomorrow! We were lucky today Pita Pit showed up before students went home so we were able to give out the hot lunch today. Thank you for everyone’s patience as we worked through our plan, leaving early always creates a bit of chaos. One important matter did arise today – if your contact information has changed in any way or your work schedule from the start of the year please notify your teacher by note with the correct information. We follow your plan when a day like today happens and we realize that those plans you made were in September but is essential we have up to date information so we can keep you up to date.
Take care and have a great night!