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April 16
April 16th-20th

The week ahead at WRES : April 16th -20th
1.)    Our drama club is working  on the play “The Jungle Book” and we could use your help we are looking for animal costumes such as wolves, monkeys, buffalo, elephant and bear to name a few. If you have a costume you are not using at this time and are willing to lend it us please send it into the school with your name on it. Thank you so much!
2.)    The Home and School’s on-line auction continues this week – check out the wonderful items to bid on. I have included the hand-out as an attachment.
3.)    Friday, April 20th we will be holding our Celebration Assembly for the Spell-a-thon. So there is still time to send in your pledges. The students did a great job learning their words!
Take care and have a great day!