The spirit of volunteerism can be seen in every school in Anglophone East School District. Parents and local community members dedicate time, energy, and enthusiasm to school projects and they are the backbone of many special programs and initiatives.

If you have even just a little bit of free time, why not become a school volunteer? There are many ways you can get involved, and schools need your help! You can volunteer to work directly with students, or behind the scenes as a committee member or staff support.

Each school has different opportunities available, but here are just a few ideas of how you could get involved and support education in your community:

Coach Sports Be a Reading Buddy
Support the Breakfast Program Join the Home & School Association
Become a Mentor Lead an After-School Club
Help at special events Help a child improve Math skills
Share a special talent and much, much more!

Many businesses now have programs in place to support volunteers who dedicate up to one hour during their work week – check with your manager or human resources department to find out if your employer has a volunteer program.

The safety of students is our number one priority. All adults who work in our schools must have training in a provincial policy regarding the safety of children (Policy 701). This includes volunteers, who must also have a police background check. This screening is managed by the school.