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January 25
Heritage Fair 2018

Heritage Fair 2018
*Projects will be done in English by students in the English program and in French by students in French Immersion.
1.      Choose a topic using the themes from the middle school bulletin board. Have your topic approved by your Social Studies teacher by Friday, January 19th.
2.      Develop 7 questions (minimum) related to your topic. These questions will help guide your research. Submit your questions to your Social Studies teacher in written form by Friday, January 26th. Remember to verify spelling and punctuation.
3.      Research your topic using a variety of sources. Your teacher can provide you with a graphic organizer to organize your ideas. Complete your research by February 9th.
4.      Write the draft copy of your essay/report using your research notes and submit it to your Social Studies teacher by February 23rd.
5.      Edit and revise your draft and submit your final copy to your Social Studies teacher by March 2nd.
6.      Prepare a presentation board by March 16th.
7.      Present your topic at the school Heritage Fair on March 22nd.


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