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January 29
Middle School Homework Jan 29-Feb. 3

Middle School Homework Jan 29-Feb. 2
Social Studies Whalen (all grades):    Next deadline on your time list is February 9th, at which point your research is to be completed.
                                                    Past due are your two sets of questions relating to your project- the first set was to help clarify your topic, second set of seven questions was to pinpoint seven questions you hoped to answer during the course of research and presenting your project.
Language Arts Grade 6 Dumont  for Whalen :       Paper bag book report is due after March break. Directions handed out last week.
Students who were absent last week or who have not finished their in class work need to finish questions from the text book.
Gr 6 - P. 90-91 questions 1-9
Gr. 7 P. 88-89 questions 1-6
Gr. 8 - P. 108 5-10
If we need to photocopy the questions, let me know.
Students should be well on their way with Science Fair. Students will hand in their results, graphs, and conclusion on February 8th, 2018.


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