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February 06
Middle School Homework Feb.6-9

Middle School Homework Feb. 6-9
Heritage Fair next due date is research should be completed by February 9th.
Questions to “narrow down” topic are already handed in/should be handed in:
1.         What is your topic?
2.         How is it significant to Canadian nationality?
3.         What does the term, “repercussion” mean?
4.         What is one repercussion of your topic/event/etc on Canadian history?
5.         What makes you think the judges will be interested in your topic?
6.         Who approved your topic?
7.         What are/were the sources you consulted?
In addition to the above questions, students were to prepare a list of seven questions they hoped to investigate (and therefore find the answers for) during the preparation of their Heritage Fair project.
6 Dumont Language Arts: We are working on a paper bag book report, due after March break. Students have an outline and it was discussed with this class. Tomorrow will be made available to work on this report. Thanks, Ms. Whalen
Here is the math homework for this week:
Gr 8 Extra practice 2 and 3
Gr 7 Extra practice 2
Gr 6 Extra practice 2 Test on Thursday Feb.8
All  other grades will have a test on Friday Feb. 9
Grade 8 English, go over notes on light and Optics.
Grade 8 French, go over notes on Titanic.
All classes have material due in on Friday for Science Fair. Rubric is on the website.


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