Kennebecasis Valley High School
Dress Code
Parents and staff at Kennebecasis Valley High School believe that academic competency alone is not sufficient to ensure success, both in school and after graduation. Knowledge regarding dress that is appropriate in business and in social situations is important.
A student may not attend classes wearing apparel which:
  • Creates a safety hazard
  • Distracts from learning
  • Disrupts any school activity
The following are not permitted on campus:
  • Dresses and shorts which are shorter than mid-thigh
  • Tops which do not cover from shoulder to waist: i.e. tops and bottoms must meet
  • Body piercing that creates a safety hazard
  • Items referring to illegal drugs
  • Clothing with profanity or suggestive words or images
  • Any attire which is extremely low cut or which exposes undergarments
  • Transparent tops unless worn over another top
  • All headwear is to be removed upon entry to the building
Parents share the responsibility of seeing that students are dressed properly for school. School personnel have the responsibility for maintaining and enforcing an appropriate dress code that is conducive to learning.
Students will be required to change their clothing, cover the inappropriate clothing or co home and made the necessary changes.