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All schools in New Brunswick are closed until further notice as a response to the COVID-19 situation. As information and updates become available, we will share it with our ASD-S familes through School Messenger emails and post it to this website. We will also link to this information from our Twitter and Facebook​ pages.

Parents who are essential service workers who require early learning and child care must register to the Parent Portal with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to receive direct communications from the department and for placement opportunities.

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​Home Learning​
colored-pencils-3141510_1920.jpgLooking for home learning resources
Click here for a list of resources recommended by our ASD-S Subject Area Coordinators to support learning in various curriculum areas. ​Click here for the GNB Learning at Home page.

Looking for information about Microsoft Teams, including tutorials and help files? Click here​.

Helpful Links
​​​​GNB Coronav​irus - Phone 1-844-288-3888

GNB Day Care Phone 1-833-221-9339
---Service Canada EI Links---

  • Link to the Employment Insurance Website and Coronavirus Information
  • ​Link to Employment Insurance – How Many Hours do I need by postal code
​FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
UPDATED June 02, 2020 - We will continue to update the answers as more information becomes available.
Schools are closed under the authority of an all-party committee of government with the support of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health due to the ongoing COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Schools will be closed throughout the end of the 2019-2020 school year and on-going discussions are taking place provincially regarding Fall 2020. Home Learning opportunities from the schools will end June 12, 2020.
The Department of Education has confirmed that the school year will not be extended.
Regulated and unregulated day cares/early learning and childcare facilities were allowed to open when we entered the ‘orange’ phase of recovery. There will be a screening protocol for all early learning facilities which will include a questionnaire and a mandatory temperature check for anyone entering a facility. Child-care centres are operating at full capacity but will have to separate children into self-contained groups of 15. A Q &A for parents regarding early learning and child care centres during the COVID 19 recovery phase can be found at Covid-19 Rovery Phase
Your child’s health and safety, including their mental health, is our priority. Students will continue to be supported. Parents can contact their Child and Youth Team office directly. If you do not know their number, please call the one of the numbers below:

• Charlotte County: 506-466-7380

• Saint John: 506-658-3737

• Sussex to Kennebecasis: 506-432-2217

Teachers and guidance staff will be in schools from June 1, 2020 until the end of the school year- June 23. Students wishing to connect with their guidance teacher/counsellor during this time may do so by calling them at the school or emailing them directly.
Resources have been posted in our News section.
The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has collaborated with the School Districts to develop a Continuity of Learning Plan. The plan includes recommendations for continued home learning for students by grade level. Weekly check-ins from your child’s school will maintain social connection to the school and provide support regarding the home learning material. We recognize that home life looks very different from one family to the next and understand that following these recommendations consistently may be a challenge for some at this time. There are many opportunities to continue learning outside of the classroom, and we hope these recommendations will help your family feel empowered to engage in continued learning at home. The plan can be found in our News section. Additional learning supports can be found on the GNB Family Resource page and on the ASD-S website. The Electronic Library of New Brunswick can be found at Electronic Library New Brunswick
Teachers have been or will be in touch to check in with students to determine what access is available at home. Each school is taking steps to determine how best to deliver at-home student learning. This might include some online learning tools, no tech approaches, or other ways to continue student learning.
Co-Op placements have been cancelled during the closure. Students who are enrolled in Distance Learning will be encouraged to continue as their personal circumstances permit.
Report cards will be issued for all K-8 students with the focus being on work completed from late November until March 13, 2020 when schools closed. For students able to participate in on line learning there may be some anecdotal comments added by the teacher. At grades 11-12, students will be marked as “enrolled” or “credit” for the courses they have had in semester two. They will not be awarded a numerical mark. Grade 9-10 report cards will mark students as “enrolled”.
The remaining 2019-20 provincial assessments will not take place, except for the Grade 12 French Oral Proficiency Interviews. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is developing a process to offer this assessment to interested students in an online or telephone format on a voluntary basis.
This closure will not affect students who are on a successful graduation path. All Grade 12 students who had at least 12 credits as of January will graduate in June 2020 and receive a high school diploma. Transcripts will indicate the student was “enrolled” in current semester courses, and they will all count towards the required number of courses for graduation completion. Grade 12 students who plan to graduate but have not passed the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) will not be required to complete this assessment and the transcript will indicate that the ELPA was “not required”.
We do not believe there will be an impact; however, it is best to check with your post-secondary institution or scholarship provider. The NB government will work with post-secondary institutions so this interruption in formal schooling does not prevent students from being eligible for admission to post-secondary studies in the upcoming school year.
High schools are planning for the celebration of our graduates, working within the guidelines of Public Health. Graduation week has traditionally been several events including the prom, award ceremonies, Baccalaureate Service, the graduation ceremony and Safe Grad. The focus this year will be the graduation ceremony event. Across ASD-S our schools will be inviting each graduate and their immediate family to drive to the school at a specified time and pick up their diploma, yearbook, awards etc. at a location outside. They will have an opportunity for a picture with the Principal (observing the 2m social distancing). Many high schools are working on a video which will be made available to the family, with recorded speeches, pictures of the graduates and a listing of awards and certificates received. Details of this event will come from the school Principal as they are finalized.
All school trips have been cancelled for the reminder of the 2019-2020 school year. All activities are cancelled during the closure.
School administrators are working to refund fees. Refunds for school trips is the priority and you will hear from your school regarding issuing these refunds.
Each school will communicate to families a plan for retrieval of items from lockers and desks. This will include health and safety protocols and scheduling to ensure the process maintains a safe environment for all who enter the building. Plans will differ from school to school and will be scheduled no earlier than May 04, 2020. Outside of these designated times, schools are not accessible to the public.
No. Schools are closed to students and the public.

All ASD-S school playgrounds are closed until further notice.

You can allow your children to play outdoors at this time if you follow these precautions:

• You can go for a walk on trails or in parks if it’s not crowded and you’re able to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from other families.

• Other playgrounds, outside of school grounds, should not be used if crowded. Playground equipment could pose a risk, especially because some children will find it hard to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth, even if instructed not to.

• Children’s hands should be washed before you head out and right after you return home. Hand sanitizer should be used if you’re driving to a location and can’t wash their hands immediately before or after the activity. This should be done regardless of whether your child was wearing gloves or mittens.

• Avoid using public washrooms and if that’s not possible, wipe down surfaces with sanitizer wipes before and after using.

Eligible students were identified by each school’s Education Support Services Team and were contacted directly by the school.