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school-bus.jpgChanges to bus routes are ongoing and are subject to change.


Please note: There must be a parent or guardian waiting at the bus stop for K-2 children.

If no one is available, the student will be returned to the school and their parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the child.

School bus routes are established to accommodate pupil transportation within a school zone. No courtesy service stops will be created outside a school's zone.



Instructions/Helpful Hints
To increase your success of finding the information you are looking for, please review the information below.
·         Grade, House Number and Street are REQUIRED FIELDS
·         Street: Include your street suffix (St, Dr, Rd, etc.)
·         ZIP/POSTAL CODE: MUST use space between the 3rd and 4th characters e.g. E2E 5Y2 (NOT E2E5Y2)
·         Program: Select English Prime, Early French Immersion G1, French Immersion G3, Late Immersion G3
o    Saint John Centre HIGH SCHOOLS select Designated High School you attend.


If your search was unsuccessful you may get a message stating “Home address could not be located”. Possible reasons could include:
·         Address was mistyped
o    Click on Simple Search link and verify that your address is typed correctly
o    Try variations of the address such as St. instead of Street, Dr. instead of Drive, Hy instead of Highway, etc.
o    Do not use P.O. Boxes
·         Address is not currently in our system
o    It is possible we have not added your address to our system
o    Your address may not be within our district boundaries
If you receive a message stating that bussing information is not available, try inputting a nearby house number or street.
An error will be generated if the street name is not spelled correctly. Please ensure the street name is spelled correctly.

If you continue to have difficulty, please contact the transportation department at 658-5603