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October 02
 le 2 octobre

​Hello parents, your child has the homework for this week and last weeks test in their duotang. The material in the homework is important and needs to be learned. I am finding that some students are not listening attentively in class or putting their best effort onto their work. The vocabulary on the test was reviewed all week in class as well as the sound of the week and the math facts. We are still working on additions with exchanges. Most of the kids who are getting them wrong are not showing their exchanges. I am trying to teach them to show their work in math. Although we are working towards independence with homework, please check to make sure your child is doing good quality work. 

This week, we are talking about clothing, which should really be a review. When we did the first day together, many of them didnt take the time to copy the words carefully and to check their spelling. 

As you know, next week is Thanksgiving, so there is no school Monday. 

I was at the cross country meet last Wednesday and was proud to see so many students running well.

We are going to do a project in art where we will need the bottom part of 2L pop bottles. If you have any you could send in that would be much appreciated. 

Have a great week, Marnie Schwarz


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