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November 01
Another field trip

​Dear parents, I already sent a permission slip home about our Geology field trip next Thursday. I booked this trip in September because it is very popular. Another opportunity has come up for next Wednesday for us to go and learn about erosion on the Nashawaak river and animal habitats. For this field trip, we will be walking to the river, so make sure your child is dressed appropriately. If there is heavy rain, we will postpone it. I will send home a permission slip tomorrow, but I thought that Id put it on here as well. There is no cost for either of these trips and I would need at least one, but could take two for the river trip. 

Otherwise, things are going pretty well here, except that alot of children are not finishing and handing in homework on time. Homework is very important practice. Your child has time to prepare it and school and even to put it into their bags. I could use more help on the other end. It needs to be handed in either Thursday or Friday. I do not have time to correct it on Mondays or Tuesday during the day as I have playground duty. Madame Schwarz


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