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February 05
List for Valentine's Day

Here are the names of the students in the class. We will have a small party. If you would like to send in a small treat. let me know by e-mail. The kids love a party, but we only need a few treats.

Audrey             Calder         Laila       Brianna        Emma       Brianne         Nick          Jay

Dax                   Olivia          Zack       Ben              Addison     Alex             Naomi     Macey

Rachel              Hannah      Madisen    Dean          Nolan        Ethan           Marlee   Allison

Madame Schwarz      Mrs McConaghy      Mrs T     Mr Moore    Madame El- Khorey

Thank you for helping your children with their projects. They did a good job and were proud of their work. I will send a ruberic with their mark home with this weeks test. 

Remember skating on the 13th. I know lots of parents come, but it would be nice if you could let me know. Sometimes I get a little worried that no one will show up and that I will never get all of the skates tied. It has never happened, but......

Madme Schwarz


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