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June 05
Track and field
The district track and field championships will be held at NMS. Coaches meeting will start at 9:30 am followed by a series of events. Students will be bussed to and from the event. Make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a blanket to sit on and lots of snacks.
Thank you

February 20
Basketball Quiz

The quiz is now closed.

Added 6 hours for the quiz between 3:00-9:00pm, February 27th:

As indicated in several classes and announced on the morning announcements throuth, students can complete the PE basketball quiz from Monday February 20th at 8am until Friday February 24th at 3pm.
To complete the quiz, click on the link below and fill in all the fields. Students will need their login ID to complete the quiz. This is the same ID that students use to log onto the network and if unknown can be found in the tech lab.
Students will not be able to submit a quiz after 3pm on February 24th.
December 05
Rise 'N Shine

​Rise 'n Shine is cancelled for Tuesday Dec. 6th.

Thank you

Mark Paquette

BCMS Athletic Director

November 14
Badminton quiz

As indicated in class and announced on the morning announcements, students can complete the PE badminton quiz from Monday November 14th at 8am until Friday November ​18th at 3pm. Any quiz attempted after 3pm on Friday will not be accepted.

To complete the quiz, click on the link below and fill in all the fields. Students will need their login ID to complete the quiz. This is the same ID that students use to log onto the network and if unknown can be found in the tech lab.


Thank you

Mr. Paquette


October 13
Cross country Provincials

​Kathleen has registered all our runners who signed up for this year's provincial championships. More info can be found at the following link: https://www.trackie.com/online-registration/images/uploads/DOC-1-2016-10-12-08-28-10-181238013.pdf?rand=2045114133​

September 21
BCMS Cross Country Team

BCMS  Cross Country Season

September 8 – October 15, 2016


*Week of Sept 7th –Thurs, Fri practice 12:00-12:35 

*Week of Sept.12th – Mon, Wed., Fri. practice 12:00-12:35

*following weeks – Mon, Fri practice 12:00-12:35


Meets  (please arrive 20-30 min early to warm-up)
Wednesday, September 21st,  O’Dell Park 4:00
Wednesday, September 28th, Nasis Middle School 4:00
Wednesday, October 5th, Henry Park 4:00
Wednesday, October 12th, Districts BCMS 4:00
Saturday, October 15th, Middle School Provincial Champ (Fredericton, O’Dell Park)  www.anb.ca


*approximate race distances:

Grade 6 – 1200m

Grade 7 – 1600m

Grade 8 – 2000m



*Friday, Sept.23 – McAdam XC Meet – www.anb.ca
*Sunday, Sept. 25– Fredericton Fall Classic 3k www.runnb.ca
*Sat., Oct.8 – Dam Run (5k + 1k) Perth-Andover www.runnb.ca
*Sat., Oct. 15 – NB Middle School Champ. (O’Dell) www.anb.ca
*Sat., October 31 – Atlantic XC Champ(Antigonish,NS)www.anb.ca


FEE: $40. includes all school meets, provincials, Fall Classic 



Kathleen Kiely   kathleenkiely@hotmail.com


FALL CLASSIC INFO – Sunday, Sept.25; BCMS Coach will register you and pick up your number the morning of the race (provided you signed-up at school)

Please be at race site (Government House, 51 Woodstock Rd. by 8:00am; Race Time is

8:55.  Here is link to course: https://www.strava.com/routes/6094704  

August 20
BCMS Soccer Tryouts
Tryout times for all our soccer teams have been posted. This includes our varsity boys’ and girls’, JV boys’ and girls’ soccer teams. We are thrilled that all our coaches will be returning for the fall of 2016. Coaching the varsity boys will be Mme. Gilders and Mr. Landry. Coaching the varsity girls will be Natasha Spencer. Coaching the JV boys will be Colin McIsaac and coaching the JV girls will be Brittany Allisson and Josie Perdue. Varsity tryouts are open to students entering grade 7 & 8 and JV tryouts are open students entering grade 6 & 7.
Parents will notice that we will only identify the sport on the schedule during the start or overlapping seasons. Example: Soccer Varsity Boys Tryout #1. Following the tryouts, the teams will be selected and parents can refer the calendar which will only indicate varsity boys. The same will be true for varsity girls, and both JV teams. This will proceed throughout the entire school year.
Tryout times are subject to change, so check often. The schedule can be located at the following ling: https://goo.gl/n1LQ8G
Thank you
Mark Paquette
BCMS Athletic Director
Go Eagles Go!

July 04
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