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December 02
Volunteering - Friday, Dec. 9

Student Leadership Team,

Please wear red, white, and or green with a Santa hat ​on Friday, Dec. 9. Also, please bring your favourite Christmas book to read to the Pine Grove residents.

December 02
Volunteering - Friday, Dec. 9

Please read the attachment with your parents and bring the bottom portion back signed by Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Student Leadership Christmas Permission Letter.docxStudent Leadership Christmas Permission Letter.docx

October 24
Halloween Sock Hop - Friday, Oct. 28 in the Gym at 12:25-1
Student Leadership is hosting the Halloween Sock Hop this Friday, Oct. 28. BCMS has a commitment to give back to the Community Kitchen as they provide lunches on a daily basis to our students; the sock hop will be a great start to our commitment in giving back. 
We need your help! As a entrance fee for the sock hop, we are asking students to contribute a box of snacks (Bear Paws, Gummies, Granola Bars, Nutra Grain Bars, Pudding, Apple Sauce, Rice Krispie Squares etc.) of any size. We want to fulfill our commitment in giving back to the Community Kitchen that so generously donates to us.
Thanks in advance for your support and donations.

October 06
Student Leadership 2016-2017

​Student Leadership Team names will be posted at the front office on Tuesday, October 11th. We want to thank all who expressed interest, and if we could take you all, we would. Congrats to the team!

The successful candidates are:

Cynthia Cui 8H

Laila Martin 8G

Sarah Mc. 8E

Katie DuPont 8G

Carlie Hogan 8F

Lily McKee 8E

Liam Maxwell 8E

Mackenzie Smith 7D

Isabelle Nason 7E

Veronica Smith 7E

Mariel Reyes 7E

Emily Thornton 7E

Calissa Sommer 7E

Minh Nguyen 7E

Jagger Rideout 7F

Beatrix Culligan 7/8I

Isabelle Parks 6F​

September 18
Weekly Cosplay Club Monday at 12:30

​Cosplay Club will meet  tomorrow (Monday, Sept. 19th) at 12:30pm in the Art room. Didn't make it to our last meeting? No worries. Everyone is welcome to attend!

September 14
We Be Jammin' Music Club is starting up! :)

​Our awesome "We Be Jammin" club will be held every Tuesday after school from 3:15 to 4:15pm.

September 14
BCMS Gay-Straight Alliance is up and running!

the BCMS Gay-Straight Alliant club is up and going for its second year! We meet every Tuesday from 12-1 pm in the art room.  Bring your lunch and a friend, and together we're keeping BCMS a safe and accepting place for everyone!

DO you have questions or comments about anything GSA related?  Contact Mme LeGresley or Mrs. Mills, your friendly GSA facilitators.​

September 14
The Running Eagles' Fun Run!

Every Mpnday, come get your fitness on by going on a fun run with Mme Ells, Mme LeGresley and Mr. Hamilton.  We'll be leaving the front of the school shortly after 12 pm and jogging around the neighborhood for about half an hour.  All students of any level are invited to join us!​

July 04
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