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December 03
BCMS Gift Card Blitz 2017 Edition!

Dear members of the BCMS family, 

Quickly approaching the holiday break, we are reminded of the needs of others.  As a school, we would like to support families from our BCMS community who struggle to make ends meet – a fact that is especially highlighted at this time of the year. 
From November 27th to December 14th, we are having a “Gift Card Blitz”, where we are asking students to bring in gift cards.  These will be collected and distributed to BCMS families in need.  Gift cards from department stores and grocery stores are preferred due to the large variety of goods available at these types of businesses.  Also, if you do not have an opportunity to purchase a gift card but would still like to make a contribution, we will gladly accept financial donations to purchase the cards on your behalf.
Reinforcing charitable values, encouraging support and participation and showing empathy towards others demonstrates to students that they are part of a larger community.  As members of that community, they have the responsibility to seek out opportunities to help those in need.  This is one such way.
We thank you very much for your support with this endeavor and wish you all a happy holiday season.
The Staff of BCMS
Julie LeGresley
Gr. 7 FI teacher


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