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May 10
We Are Silent, May 11th ~ Bliss Cares

​Bliss Cares is a BCMS student led club whose purpose is to help make the world a better place locally, nationally and internationally.  Tomorrow, May 11, Bliss Cares students, and a number of their teachers, will participate in We Are Silent by taking a one hour to one day vow of silence to help raise awareness about the issues related to child labour, lack of access to clean water and education, and poverty.  All money raised will be used to help provide education for a child in a third world country who otherwise could not afford it. If every student in our school brought in $1.00 we would collect close to $600.00.  

For more info see student video posted under Latest School Video.


Thank you for your support.  The BCMS community raised over $300.00.


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