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June 16
7ABC Magic Mountain

​Please review the attached file for information regarding the Magic Mountain trip on Tuesday.

Magic Mountain Checklist.docxMagic Mountain Checklist.docx

June 13
7BC Math

​Central Tendency posters are due on Thursday.Central Tendency Poster Rubric.pdfCentral Tendency Poster Rubric.pdf

June 07
7BC Math

​We have started discussing Central Tendencies (Mean, Median, Mode and Range)in Math class and students have been assigned a poster project that we will be working on in class over the next two days. Students have been asked to have their data (at least 11 values) ready for tomorrow's class to start analyzing for the poster.

The assignment a rubric can be accessed here: 


June 05
7BC Math

​Graphing Quiz tomorrow: translations, reflections & rotations.

Notes and sample problems can be found on Mrs. Lingley's wiki :)

June 05
7ABC Health

​Test on Monday

June 01
Literary Devices Defined

Simile- A comparison using the words “as” or “like.”

Metaphor- A comparison without using the words “as” or “like." 

Personification-when an author gives something nonhuman, person-like characteristics.
Hyperbole-to exaggerate statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
Alliteration-is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

Onomatopoeia- is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named.

May 30
Language Arts 6 A,B,C,H
Students need to use the literary devices that we have been learning about in this writing piece. It is due Tuesday, June 6th
1.Write a story, song, script, comic strip or poem.
2.It can be as long or as short as you wish.
3.Include in your story an example of: Simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, and onomatopoeia!
4.You have the rest of today and possibly some of the next class to complete the activity.
5.Have fun and be creative!
6.Be sure to use proper punctuation and grammar.
May 29
MJ`s grade 8 and grade 7 Exam-Date Monday June 5th

Hello my amazing kids and parents!


I have nailed down the Exam date and if something comes up and I must move it, we will survive! Monday June 5th is the date now:)

​-The exam will be multiple choice ONLY.

-I had written on the review list that there may be between 30-40 questions HOWEVER, after we correct the practice exam (conveniently posted under my documents for BOTH grades along with answers), I will see how we feel about 45 mins and make sure I adjust the questions accordingly.

-The practice exam questions I have posted are the most difficult as they require you to be able to calculate multiple operations and use various steps to solve. Please use your strategies!

-No calculators will be needed nor allowed.

-There WILL be a choice to complete a grade 8 and 9 exam (enriched) if you so choose or have been told by myself already. However, you MAY take a copy of the enriched exam home with you for future reference if you want.   Please try the exam that you feel offers you the most challenge:)

-Please peruse the plethora of resources under my documents where you can practice and learn.  Check out the game websites as well.

-Copies of the exam and answers can be found under documents as well.



Any questions please email me or come and see me for a chin-wag:)





May 29
Grade 8 Talent Show- June 19th

Hello talented students!


The list performers is posted in the grade 8 hallway.  Please check your name (and please put a checkmark beside your name so we know you have seen the list).

We will meet next week to discuss rehearsal times.

Please have the following ready:

-the length of your performance in minutes

-your music on either a USB or emailed to Ms Johnson

-a prop list (if you need it)

-a list of equipment (if needed) ex.  microphones, music stands, chairs, extension cords, plug-ins or electrical oulets

Mc`s:  your script (jokes, puns etc) should be loosely organized.

Practice and get ready!


-Ms J, Ms Harrietha and Ms Daigle

May 25
MJs Math-List for Grade 8 Exam

​Hello All!


I have uploaded the list of topics for the grade 8 exam. I will upload the list for the grade 7 exam shortly (after they return from Snider Mountain).


I will give the solid dates for the exam as soon as I am sure there are no conflicts.  It will be multiple choice only and will take one period.


Have a great night!


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