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May 23
Language Arts 6 A,B,C,H

​Please make sure to get your persuasive writing piece signed and brought back in.

(Don't forget that you can redo any area that you received a BAA on. I am looking for gains in these areas and I will remark them if redone.)

May 19
Health -Growth and Development

Today was the first day that we started Growth and Development in Health class. We discussed the topic of puberty in class. There is a work sheet that was assigned today titled ​They Tell Me I'm Going Through Puberty- Activity Sheet.

This activity sheet is due next Health class Friday, May 26th.


May 18
7ABC Science

​Our final Science unit is Mixtures & Solutions. This unit contains several hands-on activities and labs. As a result, students are expected to follow safety procedures and dress accordingly. Assessment will mainly be in the form of lab reports and participation during activities.

May 18
7BC Math

This week we started the unit on coordinate graphing. Students have each selected a specific character that they will draw using coordinates that have been provided. Class time has been used to complete this assignment and it is now due on Tuesday, May 23rd.


- Class time used wisely

- Coloured

- Corrdinates are correct

- Lines drawn with a ruler

May 11

​SWYK #4 is due tomorrow.7ABC SWYK 4.docx7ABC SWYK 4.docx

May 11
Astérix movie

Here is the link to the Astérix movie we've been watching in FILA 8H.


May 09
MJ`s Math 7 & 8 FI-Test Thursday May 11



​Just  reminder that there is a test on integers (entiers relatifs) on Thursday.  Below are the lists of concepts on the tests.  Plese check your grade and class below:



  • add and subtract integers (positive and negatives)
  • PEDMAS with integers
  • Vocab (what is an entier relatif?)
  • Which integer is bigger or smaller?
  • Put them in order on a number line
  • Word problems
  • BONUS;  Multiplying and Dividing integers 
  • BONUS 2: Adding negative fractions (info avail on my Ppt posted in documents)
  • Algebra (substitution)


8E, 8F, 8I:

  • add and subtract integers (positive and negatives)
  • Multiply and Divide integers
  • PEDMAS with integers
  • Vocab (what is an entier relatif?)
  • Math sentences (we reviewed in class-N*, N, Z)-exempt for band trip members only
  • Vocab and word problems
  • Algebra (substitution)
  • BONUS: PEDMAS with negative fractions
  • BONUS: algebra

8H-same as above but NOT Math sentences



YOU MAY have a cheat sheet-half a sheet of loose-leaf (ONLY)

YOU MAY use BOTH sides

YOU will hand it in with your test on Thursday


I have uploaded a number system Ppt-ONLY N*, N and Z are important ONLY (1st three or four slides)

I have uploaded a practice sheet (8H only after the first page) 7I Only the adding and subtracting parts not the first page either.


Happy studying






May 03
7B/7C Math

​There will be a test on adding and subtracting integers on Tuesday, May 9th. Students should be able to use integer tiles and number lines to model questions.

May 03
Letters to Grade 5 Students

We have spent the last two days working on letters to welcome the grade 5 students to Bliss Carman next year. The final copy is due tomorrow so that we can send them off to the grade 5 students.


May 02
MJ`s Math 7 & 8 FI
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