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March 16
7B & 7C Math

This week we have started the unit on coordinate graphing where students will be completing an assignment (https://mrs-lingley.wikispaces.com/Geometry) that requires a great deal of attention to detail. I have asked students to ensure that they bring their ruler and colouring supplies with them to class next week so that assignments can be completed during class time.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lingley​
March 16
6ABDE LA - Monday, March 19 - Short Stories Summative Assessment
March 13
Math 7A

Expressions:  Complete worksheet ​

March 13
Language Arts 7A, 7B, 7C

Informative Report

For next class period be sure to have your notes, Graphic Organizer, Draft & Revisions completed for class​

Revision 1:  (In the body of your report only)

  • Highlite the topic sentence of each paragraph
  • Number the supporting details for each topic sentence
  • Make any necessary corrections or enhance ideas if needed.

Revision 2

  • Highlite the first word or words of each sentence (Does each sentence start with the same word or group of words? 
  • Choose one (1) paragraph and count the words in each sentence recording the number at the end of the sentence
  • Attempt to reword your ideas so that you are not repeating words and add compound and complex sentences in the place of your short sentences.


March 12
District STEAM Expo Registration

Good afternoon,

This is a reminder that the deadline to register for the District STEAM Expo is Wednesday, March 13th at midnight. This is an open event for any and all students who wish to participate. 

Participation at the school level is not required - you did not have to win at the BCMS STEAM to register!!

Please visit STEAM Expo​ to register your project and for all information.

Thank you,

Mrs. Lingley

February 23
7B Math

In Math class we have been working on the Cereal Box Challenge (https://mrs-lingley.wikispaces.com/Fractions%2C%20Decimals%20and%20Percents). Students will have one more class to work on these on Monday. They are due by Thursday, March 1st.

February 23
7C Math and Science

Math: Students will have one more class to work on the cereal box challenge on Monday. They are due by Thursday, March 1st.

Science: We will be conducting an experiment on Monday so all pre-labs must be submitted by the start of class.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Mrs. Lingley​
February 23
7A Science
Rate of Dissolving pre-lab must be completed and handed in by Wednesday in order to participate in the lab activity.
February 20
7A, 7B, 7C Language Arts

Article of the Week #3

  • 7A & 7B handed in their Article of the Week today
  • 7C Article of the Week Due on Thursday.​

*** This is the last Article of the Week until after the March Break.

Storyboard Assignment

7A, 7B, 7C Storyboard (Plan of Visual representation of informational text) Due by Thursday, Feb 22

Sample of Storyboard

February 15
6ABDE LA - Wednesday, February 21st - Short Stories Formative Assessment
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