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November 22

The STEAM sources sheet is due tomorrow for all classes by the end of the day. Class 7C had a period to work on this today while 7A & 7B will have a class tomorrow to finish.

The next section, "Experiment Outline Part 1" has been provided to 7C. This will be given to students in 7A & 7B tomorrow. Please check the calendar for upcoming due dates.

Research Outline.docResearch Outline.doc   Experiment Outline Part 1.docExperiment Outline Part 1.doc

Thank you,

Mrs. Lingley​

November 21
7A Math

To be completed by Thursday in preparation for quiz on addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators and simple fractions with unlike denominators.

Page 180 questions 4, 5, 7;Page 193 question 3​; and worksheet

** Be sure to check answers at the back of the text and the answer sheet for the worksheet will be available in class.

Link to textbook on the wiki

November 17
7B & 7C Math Quiz - Tuesday

​There is a Quiz covering Order of Operations with Decimals on Tuesday. Students are permitted to use calculators as the assessment focus is on the order in which to complete a question, not the calculation of operations. For students who wish to demonstrate their understanding and improvements however, I strongly encourage them to complete questions without a calculator.

Students were provided with a practice sheet to use over the weekend. They will have time in class on Monday to discuss any questions.

November 09
7ABC Science Test

​There is a Science Test on minerals, rocks and weathering (the rock cycle) next week. All students have received a review page and had time to work on it this past week. A completed review sheet with answers can be found at Mrs. Lingley's Wikispace​

7B and 7C will write on Tuesday. 7A will write on Wednesday.

November 09
7ABC Science - STEAM Documents

​Students have now had one full period to research topics and to start recording sources of information. Today they will receive a calendar (in Friday Files) with due dates and scheduled in-class work sessions until the December break.

Due Date #1: Topic Sheet (must have parent/guardian signature) due Tuesday (Wednesday for 7A).

Due Date #2: Sources Sheet due the week of November 20th.

All documents and information can be found at https://mrs-lingley.wikispaces.com/STEM+Expo​

BCMS STEAM Calendar 2017-18.docxBCMS STEAM Calendar 2017-18.docx

November 03
7ABC Science Homework

​Rock Cycle comics/short stories are due next week for all classes. These should include key terms (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, sediment, magma, erosion, weathering, etc.) and have colour when possible.

Rough copies must be handed in with the good copy.

Due Dates:

7A: Wednesday, November 8th

7B & 7C: Monday, November 6th

November 01
LA 7A, 7B, 7C

Jade Report

Students have been given an extra day to complete the good copy of their report.  It is now due on Friday, Nov 3rd.

​Class notes related to the Revisions have been added to the wiki under week 4.

October 31
7ABC Science

Students have been working on the good copy of their "Journey Through the Rock Cycle" comics/short stories. All pictures must have color and proper scientific terminology should be used throughout regardless of comic or short story choice.

7B and 7C had their final in-class periods today while 7A will have Wednesday's class as their final period.

Good copies (including the draft activity sheet) are due Monday, November 6th.

October 31
MJs Math Career choices were due today

Hello amazing parents and students! 


  • Your list of 10 careers and why; top five and number 1 choice was due today.
  • Those who did not finish this are to have it on my desk by 825am tomorrow to avoid consequences.  You were given over 2 weeks to do this assignment, including a class to research.  This is a continous project throughout the year and it is important that you adhere to due dates OR come and see me, advocate for yourself, take responsibility and make a plan to hand in the work. This is part of the reason we are doing this project:)
  • The second step to the research is to type out your career choices (10, 5 and 1) and save it on your computer or print it out.
  • I encourage you all to explore Khan Academy (Francais)-under weblinks (beside my documents) and peruse the videos on diviser les fractions et additionner et soustraire les fractions​.  Please make use of the èntrainer`` parts and quiz yourself!
  • I will be returning the tests on are area and perimeter on Monday or Tuesday next week.
  • Our potluck was a roaring success!  Thank you so much for the food, decorations and of course, amazing students!

Happy fall-back on Sunday!  Finally, some light in the am!


:) MJ

October 30
7A Math

Complete worksheets:  Anaconda ​Addition & Clowning Around


Small Group - we will be finishing up the projects this week.

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