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October 17
CSS practises HABIT 2: Begin with the End in Mind
Habit 2.jpgHabit 2: Begin With the End in Mind means to plan ahead.  Think about what you want to accomplish and choose the steps that will get you there.  It also reminds us not to give up on our goals- think with the end in mind! 
When we were babies, we were determined to walk and we took the steps  (literally) to get there!  Use that determination to pursue your dreams and make your goals a reality!
  • Are you planning to be someone or something at Halloween?  What steps are you taking to help make that happen?
  • Do you want to do well on your next report card?  What steps are you taking to help make that happen?
  • Do you want to have friends?  What steps are you taking to help make that happen?

September 13
Connaught Street School is practicing BEING PROACTIVE
Habit 1.pngApproximately, each month at Connaught Street School, we highlight one of Sean Covey’s Healthy Habits for Happy Kids. BE PROACTIVE is the first habit of Sean Covey’s seven habits and the habit that we will be celebrating in September.  Each morning, Grade 5 announcers will be discussing ways to BE PROACTIVE.  Being proactive is about planning ahead and choosing to be positive. 
Most often, we are able to plan ahead.  We can plan ahead by: 1) picking our outfit out the night before, 2) putting our bookbag by the door, or 3) choosing our meals for the week.    We can also plan ahead by getting a good night sleep and eating healthy foods.
Sometimes we are not able to plan ahead, but we can always choose how we respond to what happens to us.  We can choose to have a happy attitude and decide on having happy results.  Yes, problems may arise in our day, but we choose how to solve them.

July 06
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