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November 22
Day on a Ship - Poem of the Week

Day on a Ship

There was a white ship,

that left the shore.

The crew found gold,

they all wanted more.


They started going fast,

and were chased by a whale.

It flipped its tail and rocked the ship,

that was the last time they set sail.​

November 22
Catch a Fish

Catch a Fish


Catch, catch, catch a fish,

Hook it on your line.

Reel it, reel it, reel it,

This one will be mine.​ 

November 20
Math Homework

Students have one math sheet for homework.  We are focusing on word problems adding and subtracting.  The homework is due Thursday, October 23rd.​

November 08
Les chansons!

​1. Les chiffres de 70 à 100


2. Émilie Éléphant- phonétique animée


3. Les émotions


4. Beau coquelicot


November 08
Poem of the Week - Cheer for Cherry Cake (CH Sound)

Cheers for Cherry Cake

Gather, children, give a cheer,

For the greatest treat made far and near!

Fill your cheeks and chomp and chew,

You'll all get one slice, maybe two!

Because today's the day the baker bakes,

Her famous chocolate-chip cherry cake!


November 06
Math Homework

Students are practicing estimating to the nearest 1 000, 100 or 10.  They have one sheet to do for Thursday, November 9th.

Example 56 834

Nearest 1000= 57 000

Nearest 100= 56​ 800

Nearest 10= 56 830

November 01
October sentence structures and reminders

​Here are the French sentence structures we learned in October

- Dans ma famille, j'ai ________. 

- J'ai une maman.

- J'ai un papa.

- J'ai une soeur.

- J'ai un frère.

- Je n'ai pas ______.

- Ma maman s'appelle ________.

- Mon papa s'appelle _________.

- Mon frère s'appelle.

- Ma soeur s'appelle.

* Please remember to sign and return the snapshot folders as soon as possible. Also, we sent home a letter where you can indicate what time slot you would prefer for parent teacher interviews on November 23rd and 24th. Please have those returned by Wednesday, November 8th. 

October 25
Snapshot folders... et d'autres chansons!

Oct 26th - Snapshot folders go home. Please see folder for more info!

​Oct 27th - Fire Safety Presentation at 11:15 for all K-2 students​.

Oct 28th - Spookarama 4pm-6pm. See you there in your costume!

Please note: if your child is unable to attend Spookarama and would like to show their costume to their classmates, you are welcome to email their homeroom teacher a photo. Just a friendly reminder that costumes are not allowed at school on Halloween! Thanks for your cooperation :)

Les chansons

Émilie Éléphant (le son é)

Compter de 50 à 70
Pour faire une soupe
Mes amis les monstres
J'aime maman, j'aime papa
October 24
Math Homework

Students were given a math sheet​ on whole numbers (reading and writing numbers in different ways).  There is a quick review section on the sheet, if you need help.  Please contact me if you still have any questions.  Homework is due Friday, Oct. 27th

October 18
Three Little Witches (Poem/song)

One little, two little, three little witches,

Fly haystacks, fly over ​ditches.

Slide down moon beams,

without any hitches.

Heigh-ho, Halloween is here!

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