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January 11
​Special Hat Day to Support Petitcodiac Regional School:

Hi everyone, this is a special request for our school community to help out Petitcodiac Regional School which has experienced a disaster almost identical to ours having lost several classrooms and over 1100 books. You may recall that on January 1st, 2015 the DMS library was destroyed due to a burst, frozen sprinkler pipe. In the aftermath we were the recipient of generous support from our community. You can read about it hereYou can read about the Petitcodiac School situation here​.

In order to help out, we are holding a special Hat Day on Monday, January 15th where staff and students can wear their hats for a donation of their choice. Normally we would charge a $1 to wear a hat but on this occasion only we are leaving it up to families as to what you may think would be an appropriate contribution. Let's join together help out our friends in Petitcodiac!


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