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September 17
Week of Sep. 18 -- 8E: Sciences Humaines

​Students have been contributing to discussions surrounding a Canadian historical timeline of events, people, items, etc. 

This past Friday students chose Canadian events, people, items, etc. to research in greater detail. 

Later this week students will make a short oral presentation to the class.  This week we will co-create the criteria for this project (i.e. how long, what should it include, look like, what will be evaluated, etc.)


  • Students should regularly bring creative items /tools to Sciences Humaines class E.g. colours, scissors, glue.
  • Should you have any old magazines or newspapers at home, our Sciences Humaines class could greatly benefit from having these items on hand for research purposes - merci!  

Mme Whalen

September 17
Week of Sep 18

The week ahead in Science class:

  • Students will be asked to design a demonstration for reflection and refraction
  • Students will be asked to plan and develop an escape room activity
  • Students will use protractors to measure specific angles  

Reminder: bring Science Journal to class (Hilroy or small spiral notebook)

A supply teacher has been arranged Tuesday, Sep. 19, as I will be participating in a long-term planning session on this date.
September 12
8G Pictures

Harvey’s will be returning on September 20 to finish the 8G class foir which they ran out of time​.

September 07
8E, F, G, 7/8I Science humaines

​Today we reviewed Canadian provinces and capitals. Seven questions were recorded and are to be answered in complete sentence format - assigned as homework, but may also be completed in class.

September 07
8E, F, G, 7/8I - Science

​Today we began discussing Light.

Students will write a half-page paragraph in French regarding what they have learned about light so far using information that supports items discussed, observed, and recorded in class.

Due: Monday, Sep. 11, 2017

June 09
8E,F,G - L.A. - Mrs. MacInnis

Haikus and limericks should be passed in for all classes. 8G should also have passed in a concrete shape poem.

Reading logs are due on Monday.​

May 25
Grade 7 FGH&C L.A.

Note: Major book/movie review projects will be due Monday.

Rubric:Book Review Poster.docxBook Review Poster.docx

May 09
8E,F,G - L.A. - Mrs. MacInnis

All students should have presented and passed in their booktalk.  Any student who has not yet presented will do so at lunch time on Thursday.​

May 09
8E,G - Santé - Mme MacInnis

To date, students should have submitted a mini poster on an accident and a fire evacuation plan, ​and they should have presented on an infectious disease.  Students have until Tuesday at the latest to submit any late work.

May 09
8E,G Sc.Hum. - Mme MacInnis

​Any student with unsubmitted work is asked to have it passed in by Tuesday at the very latest.

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