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March 20
School Memo-Monday, March 20th, 2017
Memo to Garden Creek Parents and Guardians
Monday, March 20th, 2017 ​

Welcome to Spring Everyone!! 

Have I told you lately what wonderful children you have? They have great manners in our school and really get along well with each other. Thank you!
Please remember to keep the suggestions and concerns coming our way so that we can continue to improve our school.
Parking Reminders - please note that we are in the midst of changing our parking lot signs. The main parking lot is actually for all Creekers and visitors , not just staff. Also, for student safety, please remember not to stop or idle along the cross walk in our parking lot or along that left hand side as you go up the hill .  You can use that main parking lot instead  to bring students in and out of the school.
STEAM  EXPO - Congratulations to all our students who took part in STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Expo  this past Saturday! This demonstrates great "stretch" learning! Thank you for your support.
Movie Night - This Friday, March 24th, we have movie night happening at the Creek., featuring "TROLLS".  Doors open  at  6:15 and the movie starts at 6:30pm. Donations at the door will be accepted with funds going toward our World Vision Sponsor.
Milk Orders - the forms are going out today for term 3 and the deadline for purchase is this Friday.
Grade 5 Yearbook Cover Creation - I am asking any grade 5 students who would like, to compete to  create our yearbook cover (front or back). This would be due next Wed, March 28th. The cover would have to include the name of the school ( Garden Creek School/ Ecole Garden Creek) , date ( 2016-2017) and whatever depiction the student thinks would best represent our school. It should be completely colored in ( no white showing) .  Good luck grade 5s!
Tuesdays - Fluoride Mouthrinse program
Tuesday, March 21st - Home and School Meeting 6:30 pm
Thursday March 23 - Kindergarten lunch /hot lunch
Friday, March 24th - Yearbook orders are due - / Grade 2s to Greener Village  /  Movie night !
Mon, March 27th - Doodles going out to sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences
Tuesday March 28th - PSSC meeting
Thursday March 30 -  puppet show at our school for bilingual learning environment promotion / K  and hot lunch
Monday April 3 - Achievement Reports issued
Thursday April 6 -  Book Fair opens ! / Parent Teacher interviews at night
Friday, April 7 - Book Fair open
Monday April 10th - Parent Teacher interviews in the morning and Professional Learning in the afternoon - No school
Have a great week!! 
Katherine Campbell
Garden Creek Elementary
453-5409  (c) 259-0588
"Once a Creeker, Always a Creeker!"
Mission Statement: Garden Creek School strives to provide a safe, caring learning environment where everyone feels accepted and can develop their full potential.
Vision Statement: Garden Creek School students will develop the skills to become enthusiastic lifelong learners and caring active citizens of their communities.


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